Case Studies

Ambassador Leaders

Within less than a two-month period, Enleaf was able to completely bury the negative PR mentions that were affecting Ambassador Leaders’ reputation, all while helping them create new 3rd party web properties that bolstered their online reputation.

Global CBD

Within only 3 months of implementing these strategies, Global CBD started to see an uptick in their rankings and traffic and has since seen a 334.26% increase in organic traffic resulting in an average monthly ROI of 375%.

Academic Entertainment

Within a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, Academic Entertainment enjoyed a 145% increase in rankings and a 55% percent increase in organic website traffic.

Spine Team Pain Center

Within a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, Spokane Spine Team enjoyed a 168% increase in organic traffic to their website with a 981% increase in traffic valuation.

Broadway Family Dental

Since re-launching Broadway Family Dental’s website and launching their marketing program they have seen a 3000+% increase in phone calls and a 90% increase in first page rankings.

Hidden Legend Winery

Since re-launching Hidden Legend Winery’s website they have seen a 322% increase in organic traffic, 87% in organic leads, and a 46% increase in organic revenue.

DFW Airport

Within less than a sixth-month period, Enleaf was able to Increase the campaigns monthly conversions by 117% all while reducing the cost per acquisition by 92.34% and reducing the monthly Ad Spend by 87%.

University of Idaho

Throughout much of the campaign, Enleaf was able to maintain an average ad position of 1.1 ensuring that University of Idaho’s ads were prominently visible in the search results. The PPC campaign was the most efficient campaign to date, receiving a total of 19,256 impressions and a total of 1,245 attributed website visits. This was while maintaining an average click-through rate of 6.45%.
Stay Alfred

Stay Alfred

Since re-launching the Stay Alfred website, Stay Alfred has seen a 412% increase in organic revenue and a 528% increase in first page rankings.