The Keyword Golden Ratio

What is the keyword golden ratio?

Both veteran site owners and beginners are after less competitive keyword phrases to help bolster traffic and capture those clicks. Typically, long-tail keyword phrases are most suitable for capitalizing on less competitive search terms.  The KGR (keyword golden ratio) theory is designed to use a data-driven method to identify the most suitable long-tail keyword phrases…

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Tracking and Measuring SEO Results

30 Considerations for Proper SEO Measurement

Monitoring SEO Performance There is a popular saying among those in marketing and business that states, what get measured, gets managed. That’s certainly the case for SEO. SEO practitioners regularly monitor website performance and collect as much data as possible to improve how a website performs in search. By tracking conversions and rankings, it’s possible…

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Link Building in 2020

Is Link Building Still Effective in 2022

Is Link Building Still An Important Marketing Strategy In 2022? Digital marketing is a constantly evolving and confusing combination of techniques. In the last decade, we’ve seen the rise of mobile marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing. But there is a highly-efficient marketing strategy that has been around for longer and arguably yields more…

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