Utilizing Brochure Marketing for All It’s Worth

Utilizing Brochure Marketing for All It’s Worth


Marketing a business can be done in a number of ways. This will include a combination of online and offline methods. One effective type of offline method is to offer a brochure. Brochures are a type of printed media that can be given to business leads or prospects at trade shows and other events. If you are considering brochure marketing, then review ways to utilize it for all it’s worth.

Reasons for Printed Literature

Customers often want to learn more about a business on their own time. A printed brochure offers them a way to review your products or services at home or at the office.

This is also a good way to prove to potential customers that your business is credible. Customers will expect a company to have a brochure in addition to business cards and printed letterhead.

Know Your Customers

A brochure needs to be written and laid out from the reader’s point of view. The brochure can be a simple flier or folded into sections. If you have a folded brochure, then it needs to open correctly. You also need to make sure the flow of information is beneficial to the reader.

The information that is contained in a brochure will need to follow a logical sequence. Common questions and perceived benefits need to be provided first before the call to action.

Reader Motivation

Readers need to be motivated to look past the top of the brochure to discover what is inside. If a reader is not fully intrigued by the top or front cover, then a potential prospect could be lost.

Make sure the brochure uses language that is easy to read with statements that are thought-provoking. The goal is to motivate a reader to take your brochure because it offers something of value. One way to do this with brochures is to include a special offer or coupon.

Brochure Contents

A brochure can have multiple pages, depending on the amount of content that is provided. If you have a brochure with six or more pages, then a list of contents will be beneficial.

This will allow readers to easily locate information. Make sure the contents listing is in bold and stands out from other text on the page. You should avoid common words such as “introduction” or “model number.”

Product Description

The description of a product in a brochure needs to include the most important features. This should be brief and easy to quickly skim over by a reader. Features need to include important facts to help readers understand the product’s benefits.

One thing to keep in mind is readers are not always technically minded.

Keep and Retain

Information included in a brochure needs to be relevant and useful so readers will keep it. If you offer a how-to guide, coupons, or other information, then readers will be more likely to pick up another copy to give friends and family members.

Change the Shape

The shape of a brochure can be a strong selling point. You can create a brochure in many shapes and sizes. The size and shape of the brochure is up to your imagination. If you effectively use the shape of a brochure to your advantage, you are more likely to get a good response rate.

QR Codes

Include a QR code on a brochure to direct readers to your website, a coupon, or to other information. QR codes are a small barcode that can be read by a smartphone or tablet with a compatible app that provides useful information for the customer.

The use of brochures to market a business can work when done correctly. If brochures are not well-designed, then they will not serve their intended purpose.

Adam Chronister is co-founder of Enleaf, an award winning Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm. You can find him on Facebook Facebook and Twitter.

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