Social Media Marketers – Why You Should Use a Pro

Social Media Marketers – Why You Should Use a Pro

Social media networks have exploded over the last few years. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and many others have brought publishing within reach of anyone with access to a computer. It’s so easy to get online these days. There is a catch, though. With everyone being able to publish, it has become much harder to stand out from the herd. What you need is a way to increase your brand value and your business. There are three things you could do to improve your social media presence. You could do it yourself. You could designate it to the office youngster who seems to spend most of his time on Facebook anyway. Or you could hire a professional.

Doing it Yourself

Do you have the time to spend at least part of every day interacting with your clients across a range of networks? And, be honest with yourself here, what are your strengths? I’m ready to bet that most business people spend their time making sure that their business runs well. And generally, they are very good at that. It’s why they remain in business. It doesn’t follow though, that the same people will have a solid grasp of social media. A social media professional not only understands multiple platforms. He or she should also have a clear understanding of which platforms are right for your business. And a professional will also be confident with the latest methods for search engine optimisation .

Getting the Facebook Savvy Employee to Look After Your Social Media

There are lots of people who are using Facebook on a daily basis. That’s not surprising with something like 800 million members, worldwide. Some of them are already in your company. But, do they have the knowledge to get the return on investment you need from all your marketing? Social media results can be more difficult to quantify than traditional methods of marketing. Has the person who is a regular user been learning from the platform or merely staying in touch and entertaining themselves? As a professional social media advisor I study social media every day. Even though I have years of experience with some social media platforms, I still need to spend time every day learning more about them. Can your employee spare that sort of time from his other duties?

Choosing A Professional Social Media Analyst/Advisor

Many social media marketers began their online work as a content marketers or copywriters. That suggests a passion for words first and foremost. And it’s the words that will sell your products and services. There is also the fact that most social media professionals have a keen understanding of SEO, including keyword densities and long tailed keywords. Coming from a content background gives them the ability to incorporate these keywords into your social media copy without keyword stuffing. A professional will already have extensive social media networks themselves, which they can utilize to improve your brand penetration. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a professional can bring a passion for social media into your marketing. Many business people I deal with are passionate about their business but regard social media as something new and just a little strange. There is a reluctance to get too involved and a worry that there just isn’t enough time to do it properly. If you want your social media to be effective. If you want to establish your brand as the one that people respect. If you want to increase your sales through social media. If you want to hear what your customers are saying and to give them what they want, there is really only one choice. Hire a professional.

Adam Chronister is co-founder of Enleaf, an award winning Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm. You can find him on Facebook Facebook and Twitter.

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