Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC Search Engine Management

Per Click advertising allows you to customize your budget to your sales goals wile giving you the same kind of exposure as a nation chain.

PPC marketing is a excellent way to obtain traffic to your website quickly, and supplement areas where your organic ranking may be lacking. Enleaf has managed numerous PPC campaigns and we can help you optimize your ad spend in order to get the best ROI.

Enleaf’s Pay per click management experts will strategically manage your campaign in order that your message reaches the largest target audience possible. Both PPC, SEO and other Internet marketing strategies complement one another to generate leads, conversions and ROI both before and after your organic search is optimized and raking well.

Keyword Research

In the initial phase of SEO, keyword research service is provided. The initial process involved in PPC is to identify the most relevant keywords that best match what your target demographic is searching for. Appropriate keyword research is a crucial element of any PPC campaign. Enleaf will help you select keywords that will convert visitors into paying customers. We carefully target your PPC campaign from the start in order to ensure success and save you money.

Target keywords are generated from a number of sources like competitive analysis, website copy, search engine analytics tools, and more. Exact match, Broad match, Phrase match, and Negative match keyword types are utilized to ensure the most relevant search queries are obtained.

Combining PPC Advertising and Organic Search

PPC is not always an end all marketing approach. Often it’s best to have a nice balance of both organic search as well as PPC. When a site is in its infancy having some PPC advertising in place will start driving traffic to your site while you gradually build your organic search rankings. As your site starts to rank higher in the organic rankings you may decide to reduce your ad spend or diversify the keywords that you target in your PPC campaign. Often PPC adverting is a great way to test the waters and see if a certain grouping of keywords will work for introduction into your websites copy.

At the end of the day no individual marketing method is right for everyone. This all depends upon what you are willing to invest into your site, your long term goals and the amount you are willing to invest. Regardless Enleaf can create a custom package that generates targeted traffic and increases sales while managing your constraints.

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