Marketing Techniques for the Freelance Writing Business

Marketing Techniques for the Freelance Writing Business


Freelance Writing and the Growing Demand

Writers are growing in demand. While some writers are employed full time others prefer the freedom associated with freelance writing.  The best marketing technique for a writer is their talent. Having a professional blog and a social media page for your “business” is a great idea. You can post your resume, portfolio and work samples. Make sure all of your links are active and your site is user friendly, search engine optimized and mobile friendly. Often a blog is the client’s first and often only impression of you and your work ethic and writing skills.

Social Media

Social media pages like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can really jump start your exposure. You have to keep it light and professional. Update regularly and interact. Entice people to like and share your pages. Have a target audience. Oftentimes writers target other writers. If you have more than one social media page that is awesome, just make sure you are updating according to the unspoken ethics and know what people expect. It is ok to have your personality and style incorporated here. You want to keep it as interesting and personable as possible while still remaining professional.

SEO is critical no matter what kind of business you are running, and make no mistake, writing is a business. You want to optimize your blog, websites and social media pages to come up high in the search engines or its likely to get lost in the abyss of fruitless sites online. After the first few pages people have stopped looking. Make sure you are getting the online exposure that you need to succeed.

Promotional Product

Promotional products are huge as well. This means ordering business cards, sending out flyers to local business or even ordering water bottles with your brand or logo on them. Consider having online contests to give these promotional products away. Pens and water bottles are things that people will use, and this provides an opportunity for others to ask about your business hence word of mouth is initiated.

Sample Work

Email companies that you have an interest in working for. Again, your talent is what will market your business more than anything. Enclose a short 300 to 400 word write up based on a product or service that they offer. Don’t look at it as giving work away, but as a potential investment. Even if they don’t use you they could recommend you.

Finally there are sites that allow you to publish our articles for free. This will get you exposure and exposure is the ultimate goal. With these marketing techniques for the writing business you will be well on its way. Remember the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Adam Chronister is co-founder of Enleaf, an award winning Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm. You can find him on Facebook Facebook and Twitter.

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