Living Self Employed

Living Self Employed


Why You Need to Consider It Right Now!

self employedWhile the term ‘self-employment’ certainly seems attractive, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most wouldn’t dare come near it. Spending years to secure a stable job and then suddenly letting go of it, to sit at home and work on the internet seems like an absurd idea to most. But is it?

While there is no denying that self-employment is not for everyone, it certainly does work for a certain mindset. If you are the sort of a person who would want to work on their own terms, this post may be for you. Yes, taking the leap is a huge step, but once you make the decision to live the self-employed life, all you really need is skill and determination to get through. Here are some techniques to help you along the way.

Set your mission and stick to it

Just because you aren’t working in a formal office does not have to mean you do not have a mission statement. Imagine it like an elevator pitch, but to yourself. Be honest to yourself and write down what you want to achieve in the next 5 years. Be realistic, but don’t underestimate yourself either; you know what you are capable of.

Identify tasks and set short-term goals

Working from home, it is easy to get distracted. No one is going to reprimand you for being late or not finishing a daily task, but don’t forget that being your own boss means taking responsibility of yourself too. Set short-terms goals, e.g., ‘I will write at least 3 blogposts this week’. Allocate time, because without that you are likely to let things fall through the cracks. You can relax once you are done, so don’t lag all day.

Create a work environment that suits you

Do you need to work from your couch or from a desk? Does having an office-like environment help you get in the work mode or are you better off working from a coffee shop or co working space? Get yourself what you need to push yourself and just begin working. All it takes is that first step.

Keep your expenses in control

Let’s face it: you just took a huge risk and you need to manage the money, so keep your expenses in control. The reality is that you rarely need as much money or material items as you think you do, and the money you save is going to come in handy. So minimize yourself only to essential expenses, at least for a while.

Make your support system understands your work

People are going to assume that now that you are working from home, you can hang out with them at any time. But here’s the (short-term) bad news: you might have to let them down. It is important for your friends and family to understand that even though you are working online, you still have work. If you must, set working hours to let them know when you are unavailable.

Meanwhile, also remember not to be too hard on yourself. Being self-employed means doing whatever the hell you want, but it is best to keep yourself on a leash, get work done and not get carried away with the freedom!

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