Creating the Perfect Sales Email

Creating the Perfect Sales Email

How to Create a Perfect Sales EmailNo matter how advanced the marketing industry gets, there is one thing of significance that can never be undermined: sales emails!

If you thought proposal emails were not relevant anymore, think again. As a salesperson, emails are probably one of the best strategies you can resort to, given that you know which techniques to employ and which to avoid. In fact, when done correctly, you can acquire customers directly through emails quite effectively. Remember that what we are talking about here is not a sales proposal, but a sales email that a salesperson writes to a potential customer trying to sell them on their product or service. Think of this like a sales document that you are using to subtly advertise and inform potential customers about your product or service.

I would describe writing a sales email like a balancing act; you have to make sure it doesn’t look like spam, but you also don’t want people to miss the fact that you’re pitching them your product or service because you ARE trying to sell, after all. So, how do you write that perfect email?

First, remember that this email will be written after you have already had a few discussions with this potential customer. Let’s say it will be like a summary of your dialogue so far where you must tell the prospective customer more about what you’re giving and what you need from them. Here are the things you must keep in mind when writing it:

Important Elements of Your Proposal Email

  • In one sentence, thank them for agreeing to the dialogue. [1 line]
  • Talk about the financial impact and benefits in light of their problems. [2 lines]
  • Tell them how your product will benefit THEM (TIP: Do research on their company so you know what you’re talking about). [2 lines]
  • Present the solution you have in mind for their problems. [4 to 5 lines]
  • Mention the price. This must be clear without beating around the bush. [1 line]
  • Talk about risk management, like how long it will take to get a return on investment. [2 lines]
  •  What are your next steps and future plans? Keep this precise and clear. [1 line]

For a few more tips on perfecting your sales emails, here are some suggestions from by Marc Wayshak:

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