Add Some Character to Your Small Business

Add Some Character to Your Small Business


Small business owners have to add spice to their store to attract customers. Making the place more enticing can draw in prospective customers. These customers may walk by, be intrigued by something interesting and decide to do some shopping. It is important for small business owners to exploit unique details to their advantage. With all their marketing campaigns and branding strategies, big businesses can get away with streamlining their products and overall setup. Small businesses, however, cannot afford to be relaxed on their appearance. This piece will provide tips on what can be done to make your shop more attractive, unique and memorable.

Colors and Patterns:

You don’t want your store to look like it is someone’s personal storage unit! Sloppiness creates an atmosphere that harkens to a garage sale, and that is not what you want your customers to feel! Make your store feel unique, welcoming and intentional by adding vibrant, bright colors.

Begin by painting the walls and other related features of the store. Customers should feel as if they have walked into something special and worthwhile. Many consumers will look at a shop with bland colors and automatically walk back out. It might not be done on purpose, but subconsciously, shoppers need to be attracted to a storefront and feel your brand through the presentation you make. Small business owners have to deliberate over these details.

When it comes to colors and patterns, you should seek to demonstrate that everything is well planned. Throwing random colors on the walls for the sake of adding spice can instead look careless. It is best to begin slowly and find patterns and colors that fit nicely with the theme of the store and the brand of your business. For example, if you’re selling eco-friendly items, you might consider earthy tones and accents.


Stores can lose appeal if they do not look organized. Observe the big businesses around town; they will always be organizing. Everything in the store has its place and is easy to find. This ease in the modern age of business spells out convenience for customers, and it is a critical factor in customer retention. Entire businesses have built on the idea of convenience alone! Customers do not return to a store that is a cluttered mess if there are other options on the market.

Create a plan when it comes to organizing the store. Make it exciting, and add some extra thought into what could be done to ensure that it makes sense to a customer. Walk from the front door to the back as though you were a customer who’d walked in for the first time. Think of a specific item you sell. As a new customer, where would you expect to find it? Can you, or does your store need some more intentional planning?

Storefronts should also be clean and neat at all times, gladly welcoming patrons and promising more neatness inside.

Clearance Items and Sales:

Create an area in the store focused only on sales. Customers love walking into a store that has a specific area for clearance items. When doing this, make sure customers walking by are aware of the sale inside (i.e. signs, posters).

These little details can go a long way in ensuring your business thrives, attracting new customers and retaining old ones, as well!

The author, Matthew Romar, is a retired small business owner and freelance blogger. He writes to assist current business owners with his years of experience owning and operating a successful small business. He is currently writing a review on different kinds of music for businesses.

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