How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take?

What to Expect when Doing SEO

How long does SEO Take

Search engine optimization is currently a hot topic. Most businesses report huge benefits from this endeavor, while others report failure and loss. So after you have employed an SEO service provider and they get to work, how long should you expect top search engine results? There are many factors that determine how fast you can benefit from search engine optimization. Many people believe that search engine ranking is the biggest indicator of successful SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is never a success until you get a higher sales volume and increased revenues.

Success in SEO takes time and patience. This is because it is an unpredictable form of marketing. Because of the there is a maturation period between when you start your SEO and when you see results some give up before seeing results.  The secret to success here is to keep doing it. At first, it might seem like a fool’s errand. It requires a significant investment and some uncomfortable changes. After some time your site might start to climb up in the search engine results, but honestly, you shouldn’t expect more traffic or conversions just yet.

Improved search engine ranking is only the first step when marketing with SEO. After that SEO moves to the crucial stages of lead conversion and revenue improvement. Top positions in search engine results should translate to increased revenue. The real concern for all SEO customers, therefore, should be:

How Long Should it Take to Earn More Revenue with SEO?  

How long should it take to earn more revenue with SEO?

Many benefits come with being ranked at the top of search engine results. Digital marketing experts concur that higher rankings denote good SEO, but these rankings can be useless. Why? You might get ranked top but fail to see improved sales. Effective SEO is therefore about converting search engine rankings to sales. So don’t confuse failure for success.

SEO today is not like it used to be in the past. It easier for SEO companies to deliver top search rankings, but few can guarantee financial benefits from this activity. Now that you know SEO is about the money and not just rankings do your research to find the right company for the best results.

Variables that Influence Success with an SEO Strategy

Variables that influence success with an SEO strategy

In the past, SEO used to be pegged on a few golden keywords. SEO companies would only have to figure out a few hot keywords to increase traffic flow to your site. This keyword strategy is now obsolete. Today, when it comes to internet searches, users come first. SEO agencies have a painstaking task of analyzing why visitors use specific words in their searches. That is because when users search for a given keyword, they are not looking only to find results, but to get results that can help solve their problems. Understanding user needs is, therefore, the only assured way of building a profitable SEO strategy.

For that reason, the most successful SEO strategy is one that is backed by good content. But you cannot create good content overnight. As if that is not enough, there are many other factors that come into play. Below are some variables that SEO companies strive to get right when carrying out search engine optimization.

Content quality:

Today SEO relies on uniqueness and relevance of content. Search engine companies have realized that users make natural search queries. Search queries today do not entail two or three words. Instead, they are detailed, and users expect logical answers. Search engines have therefore developed new algorithms that can provide smart answers. Take the case of Google’s Humming Bird; this new algorithm offers conversational answers to detailed search queries. It does not rely on keywords used in the search phrase. Instead, it breaks down and analyses the question from a logical perspective.

Personalized results and local listings: 

Then again, search engines today provide customized results. It can be a fruitless venture for SEO agencies to quickly base their strategy on a few keywords. How do personalized results work? Take the case of Google +, when a user is signed in their search results become personalized. Google does that by looking at the user’s history and activities on social media to provide results that relate to what they like. This means that a lot of time must be invested by an SEO agency to analyze your company’s social networks and create a marketing plan on those platforms.

Social media: 

SEO requires a living relationship between your website’s content and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Why is that? If a Facebook post that has a link to your site goes viral, so also will the number of clicks to your website go viral. The same happens with Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Search engines thrive on social media. Today results from social media are even listed as part of search engine results. That just shows that you cannot underestimate the power of social media on your brand. But it takes time to build a large following on social media.


If you are in a highly competitive niche, many brands would have already dominated the internet with their products and services. That means that your SEO provider is forced to work extra hard just to deliver increased traffic, let alone revenue. The hard work involves analyzing your competitor’s websites and reviewing their SEO campaigns. This then determines the changes they need to make to earn you a better share of online traffic


The amount of money you invest into your SEO strategy will determine how fast you get results. Spending more will help you get results more quickly. With a reasonable budget, you can get your website modified with the best SEO tools, cover your content needs for both short-term and long-term and take care of your social media campaigns. If your SEO budget is the only fraction of what your competitors are spending, you might have to wait a very long time to see results.


Newsflash; SEO results correlate with experience. If you are just starting out, you are bound to make mistakes. A new website or a new brand grows slowly in the market. There is a lot of misinformation about SEO on the internet, stay away from such ‘experts’ who are more concerned about marketing their products to you. Also, hire an SEO company that has many years of experience in the industry.

Universal search:

This is another factor that needs to be gotten right. Universal search plays a big role in speeding up or slowing down an SEO strategy. With universal search, search engines like Google consolidate search results from other search engines into their web search results. Also, in this type of search, a search engine gets the ability to include a variety of media searches in their results. Content that lacks image, video or audio will, therefore, slack behind in rankings.

User behavior:

User behavior data has a direct influence on SEO.

A good SEO strategy collects and makes user data to improve search engine rankings. Today, search engines place prime importance on the user. Your SEO experts, therefore, have to carry out long reviews of website analytics to see how visitors interact with your site. They then implement measures to improve user experience on your website.

Google and other search engines look at user behavior on your website to determine its ranking. They use metrics such as Click-Through Rates- SEO providers improve this by optimizing your site’s Meta description and URL information. Time on Site- search engines measure the length of time a visitor stays on your website.

Long TOS signifies user interest, and therefore you get higher rankings. Bounce Rate- it is when a visitor lands on your site and immediately exits to return to the search results. It indicates user dissatisfaction and a higher bounce rate will get you ranked lower on SERPs. SEO agencies reduce bounce rate on your site by posting relevant, engaging and diverse content.

Website Performance:

Factors to do with your websites such as loading speed, clean code or image and scripts caching affect the performance of your SEO strategy. These factors influence how visitors interact with your content. Length of URL, image optimization, and video integration also play a crucial role in how the search engines rank your website. The most prominent issue, however, is site speed. Users just can’t wait for a site that takes forever to load. Your SEO service provider invests time in this, to put measures in place to improve your site speed. Sometimes they have to do a complete overhaul of the site to clean up the website’s code and to maintain a stable file and resource management system.

Diverse content:

The content on your website needs to be well written by a person of expert knowledge. But that is not all. Too much text bores visitors. To help make your content more interesting, SEO providers use images. Images help to explain a point and add a bit of glamour. Even better, pictures help your site to rank higher in SERPs. But successful SEO requires that only unique and original images are uploaded.

Your SEO providers cannot post stock photos on your site, search engines use image recognition software, and so they will be able to tell if those pictures have ever been uploaded elsewhere. They also have to tag all the pictures on your site with the right keywords. All these activities take time to plan and implement.


These are links from outside sources. If your site has many links from other websites, you will be perceived to be an authority in your niche. Think of backlinks as votes by other websites to you. Google or any different search engine will see that and rank you highly for that. Even so, this links must be from trusted websites. Search engines can tell between spam and genuine backlinks. To get more backlinks on your site, SEO companies spend a lot of time in content creation and content promotion.


At What Point Should you Expect Financial Results with SEO?

At what point should you expect financial results with SEO?

If you get into SEO expecting quick results, you are out of luck. Think about it this way, SEO is not magic. Your provider has to test and try several tactics until they find what works for you. And that takes time. It is therefore hard to predict when you should start to earn from your investment. Also, remember that if your SEO agency applies a blanket strategy to all its clients, you might wait even longer to see any results. This is because every website has its own unique needs. Your agency should sit and down and analyze your site, competitors, and clients before designing an effective strategy.

With a good SEO strategy, you might start to see improvement in traffic after four months. However, you will still be a long way from getting a return on your investment. Instead, you will have the intangible measurable like better ranking, improved traffic and increased awareness on social media. Just remain patient through the SEO campaign. Don’t be too quick to change agencies or tactics.

Understandably, it may not be sustainable, especially for small firms to keep investing without getting their ROIs. For a substantial ROI, you are required to pay a regular rate for SEO activities. This is where the rubber hits the road for most people, and many opt out after a few months of zero improvements in revenue. However, those that keep going can expect their first ROIs after within the first year.

Sometimes it takes even longer, but when results start coming, you will get a major leap in the market. Even better, SEO yields long-term results.


SEO Results take Longer in a Competitive Niche

SEO results take longer in a competitive niche

In a highly competitive market, you should brace yourself for longer investments with little ROI. It may take more than two years before you get a substantial earning from your SEO campaigns. This should not be cause for discouragement, however. What it means is that you need to adjust your budget accordingly. It might also mean that you need to find a better SEO company.

Search engine optimization is an intricate marketing technique, and results take time. You should, therefore, consider it to be part of your long-term marketing objectives. If done right, SEO has the power to catapult your business to the next level.

When you start, don’t stop. Doing SEO bit by bit can be rewarding in some measure, but a holistic approach that encompasses all the factors named above is more rewarding.

If you are unsure of how your site is performing online and would like a FREE personalized website review please fill our instant SEO audit request at or reply to this email with the words FREE SEO AUDIT in the subject line.

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