Competitor Analysis with SEMrush

Competitor Analysis with SEMrush

One of my favorite SEO strategies as of late involves using SEMrush to gain insights into my content competitors top performing blog post.

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Finding Content Competitors With SEMRush

To start this processes you are going to search out content publishers that put out content in your industry or niche. You are looking for the biggest sites possible. Those sites that have been around the longest and have the largest domain authority.

Keep in mind, we are not looking for direct competitors, but rather content competitors.

If you don’t already have some competitor sites in mind you can start with a quick Google search related to your industry’s keywords.

content competitor research

Using SEMrush for Competitor Analysis 

Once you have identified a target site you are going to plug your competitor’s domain name into SEMrush then drill down into SEMrush’s Organic Page Report.


#2 Filter the Search

This report is then going to allow you to see a detailed list of top performing content sorted by the percentage of traffic into your competitors site.

This is a good indicator of what topics are popular and attracting an audience.

From here you can filter your search using prominent industry terms.

What you are looking for high trafficked content that has been published but that is old, outdated or that is low in quality. You then can go and create something around that same topic but in your case, you are going to make it 10X better.

I will usually repeat this process this for a number of content competitors, exporting the results each time. I then combine the results into a master spreadsheet and sort then all by their traffic.

Once done I’m left with a great prioritized list of blog topics to work into my content strategy.

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