Fume Dog

Web Redesign | Website Expansion

Fume Dog is a fun group of “good ol’ boys” from the foothills of the Appalachians who thought it was funny that every time they saw a “welding” video of five guys in matching jumpsuits and perfect hair running out to start welding. The company started wondering if the people creating those videos knew or even cared about who welders are or what they deal with. The purpose of Fume Dog is to build stuff for people like us – they believe in doing things right the first time, building relationships – not just business transactions – with customers, and focusing on the end result, what actually works.

Welding Website

Project Overview

Fume Dogs came to Enleaf with a ground-up project to build a website that showcased their unique way of doing things and their new product line. They needed a site that stood out amongst their competition and wanted to position themselves as leaders in the industry. Enleaf helped them build a brand new Shopify website with e-commerce capabilities and formed a signature brand for the company that they had trouble bringing through. On top of stellar branding and design, the site allows Fume Dogs to manage their inventory and easily fulfill orders.

Key Features

I was very pleased with the work product and responsiveness.  Of course, the main concern is that you pay someone for something “creative,” and they hand you a pile of garbage that is harder to fix than start over and leave with your money.  I quickly realized, based on the progress reports I was being shown, that this would not be the case with Enleaf.  I watched the website grow from an idea to a fleshed-out completed product, and it exceeded my own vision, which I had feared may have been too ambitious. They made it happen. 

Richard King
Fume Dog