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Web Redesign | Website Expansion

For over 25 years, Filter Professor has been a proud source of U.S. manufactured products. Their mission is to educate customers and provide them with the best service possible while helping them understand everything there is to know about filters, so they do not overspend with other companies. Be it inspecting your current filters down to the microscopic level to identify exactly what is going on or explaining that you don’t need a $250 dollar filter to do the job of a $75 dollar one.

Filter Pro Website

Project Overview

When Filter Professor first reached out to Enleaf, their website lacked the e-commerce capabilities they needed to entice their target audience. The website was also extremely out-of-date. Enleaf reimagined Filter Professor’s entire website presence from the ground up, building a custom theme implemented on the Shopify CMS. Enleaf also incorporated an advanced product search and categorization mechanism that offers a smooth conversion path for prospective buyers. The refreshed look and user experience is now more on-brand for the company and better for enticing potential customers.

Key Features

After doing quite a bit of research, I concluded that 8 out of 10 digital marketing companies are charlatans.  Asking basic questions to other companies before Enleaf often yielded a simple “yes we will do that” or deer in the headlights on some basic things that a layman like me could google and find out.

Enleaf had answers for everything and, furthermore, educated me on the nuance of the topics such as where the conventional wisdom is wrong, where it is right, and where there are shades of right.  Think of it as a “yes, that is correct…but” kind of thing.  It is that deep understanding that is required to do this job. 

Richard King
Filter Professor