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Standard Web Design Features

  • On-Going Support
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO &  PPC Marketing

Cutting Edge Web Design Options

  • Content Management System (CMS) Based Websites
  • Competitor Analysis & Google Analytics Dashboard Tracking
  • Content Marketing and blogging Capabilities
  • SEO Optimized Design

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Enleaf: A Coeur d’Alene Web Design and Full Service Marketing Company

A Fresh Approach to Website Design

Are you looking for Coeur d’Alene Web Design? Whether a business is looking to establish themselves on a local level, or compete with other firms nationally or internationally, web design and web marketing is a must – and Enleaf can offer a full range of Coeur d’Alene web design and marketing services. Our experience and track record in development and marketing of websites and demonstrable inbound marketing prowess can help build and promote your website so your business can grow like never before.

Looking For Webdesign in Idaho and Eastern Washington? Enleaf Has Arrived

Enleaf provides full-stack services for web marketing and webdesign, Idaho and Eastern Washington both being served by our company. We offer comprehensive services for both technical and creative aspects of creating the website that will bear your company’s standard on the world wide web.Internet marketing is a broad discipline, involving many different aspects including both web design and technical construction of websites, but also a host of creative elements as well. We can offer a holistic approach, including the design and architecture of a site, but also search engine optimization for greater visibility in Google and other search engine query results – thereby increasing your reach to customers.Your website will also be optimized for speed and also for scalability, appearing equally stunning on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.We also tailor a marketing plan to meet your specific marketing objectives. We target as many channels as possible, to deliver pre-qualified leads and increase conversions and sales. We also offer in-depth and customizable analytics, as our approach is driven by data, rather than cliches, trends and other unquantified digital snake oil. Our methodology is proven, and the results will speak to that.

Professional Grade Coeur d’Alene Website Design and Development

Gone are the days when merely loading a site with images, Flash and Javascript was enough; a competent Coeur d’Alene website design and development company – or indeed any web design and development firm – simply must deliver more. We offer custom build website services from the ground-up.A North Idaho web design project from Enleaf is holistic, involving every aspect of professional quality web build and design. Our websites have the following features built in from the start:

  • SEO Optimization:Sites built by Enleaf are optimized for Google searches
  • Conversion rate optimization:Our sites are designed to convert, attracting new sales and leads with proven inbound marketing tactics.
  • User interface and user experience (UI/UX) optimization:We design, test and ensure that a custom site by Enleaf delivers a pleasing, user-friendly web experience for your customers.

We also ensure that your North Idaho webdesign is aesthetically pleasing, and incorporates the soul of your company into the design and layout, while remaining 100 percent functional.Enleaf also knows that mobile is the future of online commerce, and our coding is tailored to not only thrill and delight desktop and laptop users, but is also engineered to scale for mobile, giving your site a seamless transition from the large to the small screen without sacrificing speed. We rely on a data-driven approach, with customized analytics reporting and we will show you every facet and detail of how your site is performing at all times.

Web Design CDA Services


Branding Design

Branding in the digital age is crucial. Your site is more than just a portal for commerce: it’s the digital soul of your enterprise. A brand that’s memorable stands out from the pack. We help you create a digital brand that will not only earn you customers, but a legacy.

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North Idaho Website Design

A beautiful, functional site is critical for North Idaho web design, or indeed any web design. We will create a site that not only works, but excels as the online location for your business. Web presence is how companies stand or fall in the modern, online marketplace.

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Responsive Mobile Site Design

What does it mean to have responsive mobile site design? It means that your site scales to work on mobile devices. It also means the mobile version of your site delivers the exact same functionality of the desktop version. Mobile site functionality not only allows your site to address the needs of mobile customers, but also increases your search visibility in Google and other search engines. Whether your goal is to drive national ecommerce sales, or attract more customers to your brick and mortar shop in Couer d’Alene, Hayden or Post Falls, Idaho – or all of those things – mobile optimization is how you do that today and for as long as your site is online.

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Mobile Design

It’s a mobile world out there, and mobile design will only get more crucial in coming years. Nearly half of web searches are made from mobile devices and we will tailor your site to reach mobile users.

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Website Redesign

If your already-existing site needs a tune-up, or a major overhaul, we can give you the website redesign to get you back on track. A refreshed, redesigned site can inject new life and appeal to new customers that your old site wasn’t convincing.

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Internet Marketing

Today’s inbound internet marketing methodology is proven to deliver qualified leads consistently. It provides more interested customers. The return on investment and cost per acquisition is lower across the spectrum compared to traditional channels.

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Social Media

The world has changed due to social networking and social media. They have also given companies greater access to customers and to markets previously impossible to access, and all for free. We will build your brand and harness the power of social media to deliver leads that take so much more to access without social networking.

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The 3 Tiers of Coeur d’Alene Web Design

Enleaf employs a 3-tier approach to any Coeur d’Alene web design service.

Design – First is design. A beautiful, professional-looking site is how you appeal to the potential customers who are browsing for the goods or services you sell. We will create an online brand with appeal, credibility, and that emphasizes your company’s vision and mission.

Development – Equally important as form is function – and web development is how seamless function of a website is created. Our development team will ensure that your site works flawlessly at amazing speeds, ensuring both ease of use and navigation.

Optimization – Optimization is as critical as both design and development, and our optimization services include mobile, search and social optimization. This helps you reach customers and with Enleaf’s optimization services at your command, customers will be finding you online for years to come.

Serving Coeur d’Alene And The Inland Northwest

We are located in the Inland Northwest, serving the Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Post Falls areas, as well as Spokane, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake. Our office in Liberty Lake or downtown Spokane are located nearby, rather than halfway around the world, and we can deliver the personalized, authentic regional touch that other design and optimization companies cannot deliver.

Business that we can (and do) service include small and large businesses, including local brick-and-mortar shops, ecommerce sites, and all points in between, with custom web design services for all. Our record speaks for itself, and our client retention rate is much higher than most other firms offering our kind of services. Often, they become like family, and we will treat your site as if it is our own.

  • We are USA located and operated
  • We are centrally located
  • We have deep northwest roots

In business since 2009

Custom Analytics

All claims without quantification are mere boasts, but we will show you the worth of our work with custom analytics reporting. We drill down into every aspect of data to show you how our services have helped your site become a performance powerhouse. We will show you:

  • Monthly traffic reports
  • Customer insights
  • Monthly SEO reports
  • Monthly social media reports
  • Monthly inbound marketing reports
  • Monthly website performance reports

We will also show you how to access this data and how to monitor it, without having to rely on us to show our work. Feel free to verify our progress for yourself.

A Collaborative Environment

We have a collaborative spirit here at Enleaf, and we take a lot of pride in it. A collaborative spirit enhances the quality of our work. We also do a lot to stay ahead of the curve, so that our work stays relevant for decades to come. To do that, we have traveled across the country and indeed around the world, meeting with people from companies like Baidu, Twitter, Google and many more to learn. Learning is an investment in ourselves and ultimately results in being able to better service the customer, as we have to learn from the best in order to deliver the best. The knowledge we gain from our collaborations and learning from others seeps into every project, as our expanding skill sets and knowledge bases equip us to deliver a premium product every time out.

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