Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.

Social Media Marketing can have a huge effect on your business success and help you engage your audience in ways previously not possible. The reason Social Media Marketing is so effective and has become a normal part of many of our marketing strategies is based upon the Friend-Of-A-Friend phenomenon. This phenomenon has a similar impact to that of word of mouth, and by nature users trusts advertising messages that are more in the form of a recommendation then and advertisement.

We have developed Social Media campaigns for a wide array of business, ranging from independent musicians to large-scale organizations.

Today, anyone who takes Internet marketing seriously knows the importance of Social Media. As of 2011, 22% of all online time is spent on Social Media websites.

Still not convinced that Social Media is worth the time and investment? Here are a few reasons why you should think seriously about a Social Media Campaign

Planning and Strategy

Although Social Media seems easy its actually one for the more complex aspects of Internet Marketing. Sure just about anyone can sign up for a few social network account and start communicating with strangers but its not always easy to engage the right people. A social media marketing tactic done half-hazardly can in some cases actually do your business more harm then good. A Successful social media marketing campaign is done strategically with an end goal and target in mind.

Back links. 

Having a presence on Social Network websites is a great way to create valuable back links to your website.  This is great for SEO. Additionally your website gets exposed to a larger and often more diverse audience then what is possible via more traditional methods.

Web Traffic.

Once you tap in to and build a rapport with your social network friends, fans and followers you can easily increase your search traffic through strategic marketing campaigns and promotions. (Ex. Contest, giveaways, promotion announcements, etc…)


People like companies that have a level of transparency. Companies that are active in social media are perceived as being personally invested in their customer base. This is the type of message that sells products and services as well as builds trust and loyalty. Trust is once of the main factors in developing any brand. With the accumulation of trust comes a loyal customer base and customer referrals.

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