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Local SEO

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  • Grow national website ranking
  • Appeal to more customers
  • Improve lagging websites
  • Enhance user experience

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What Can Enleaf do For My Business With Search Engine Optimization

Put simply, search engine optimization is kind of like staging a house for sale. You improve the lot, you paint the walls, you make sure the building is up to code in order for it to get noticed. Except SEO doesn’t initially attract a buyer; it attracts search engines. THEN it attracts customers!

Search engine optimization is a holistic process by which your website is made more attractive to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. This increases how well your website ranks for particular search terms that your potential customers enter into search engines when they browse the internet. The higher you rank in Google, the more people see your website for the queries you’re targeting. That brings in more traffic, which leads to more leads and more sales.


Hidden Legend Winery – Doubles Traffic and Revenue After Site Migration

Happy Web Design Customers

“Enleaf did an awesome job with not only our website design but also the functionality updates and rebuild of our site. Since taking over our SEO we have seen a huge spike in sales. We are very happy and would recommend them to anyone wanting quality work done by honest people who are very patient.”


In January 2015, Hidden Legend Winery migrated their site from a proprietary content management system over to a custom designed WordPress site after running into limitations with their existing platform.


Since re-launching Hidden Legend Wineries website they have scene a 322% increase in organic traffic, 87% in organic leads, and 46% increase in organic revenue.Spokane Seo ResultsSpokane Marketing Examples


A large focus of the Hidden Legend Winerys website migration was focused on determining how to expand the sites overall e-commerce capabilities while simultaneously improving upon the sites ability to attract a greater share of organic traffic and search volume. All this needed to take place without disrupting the current flow of business and traffic into the site.


The process for Hidden Legend Winerys  website transition was scoped out and designed in such a way that it mitigated traffic disruption during and after the websites migration. A plan was developed to expand portions of the site in order to bolster the sites e-commerce capabilities as well as its page count and depth. Enleaf redesigned the site so that it featured a simple and clean code base as well as an easy to manage permalink structure. Following the websites redesign and relaunch numerous data points were used to measure the progression of Hidden Legend Winerys website over time and to ensure that the objectives and goals for the their site were achieved. The tactics used for this tracking included implementing a detailed process of planning, auditing and mapping of traffic data at regular intervals over the months following the website relaunch.


Max Amps Regains Traffic After Website Update

Spokane Marketing Experts Results

“Enleaf came on board with killbillet.com shortly after we had updated our Vbulletin software. After the update our page rankings and traffic fell drastically and we were unsure why. We contacted Adam Chronister who was able to come in and assess the performance issues that were affecting our search rankings with Google. He quickly made the changes necessary and our rankings immediately improved. Adam was also able to make some aesthetic changes to our site making it friendlier to our user base. The jobs were done quickly and efficiently with great customer support. Thanks Enleaf!”

VBulletin SEO Fix


Testive Received an Enterprise Level SEO Audit

spokane web design company reviews

“We hired Enleaf to do an SEO audit of our website.  In a little over 1 week, they came back with a 49 page report highlighting on site issues and provided recommendations that my team could easily act on.  Adam and team have been helpful throughout the post-audit process and I look forward to working with Adam and his team again.”


Other Success Stories


Enleaf took a local breakfast restaurants and increased their traffic 1767%. in a 5-month period. 

Search Engine Optimization in Spokane Wa

Enleaf took a national film production company and increase their traffic by 42% in a 6-month period. 

Spokane Internet Marketing

Enleaf took a local naturopathic clinic and increase their traffic by 322% in a 6-month period   

Spokane SEO

Enleaf took a social media SAAS company and increase their traffic by 227% in a 5-month period

SEO Experts in SeattleEnleaf took an international airport and Increased their average monthly conversions by 116.70% while decreasing their cost per acquisition by over 90%

Pay Per Click Marketing Spokane

On-page SEO

Technical SEO involves the nuts and bolts of how a website works. Slow-loading pages, website links that go nowhere, pages that don’t technically exist, poor scaling on mobile devices…these are all issues that can affect your ranking.

On-page SEO is the content on your website. All the written words that appear on your website are read by Google and other search engines. If it isn’t written in accordance with SEO best practices, your rankings can suffer. Blogs and other content can also improve your rankings as your site gains association with a larger number of keyword searches, and can increase ranking for existing keywords. Great content is also an integral part of the sales journey, as it can help funnel customers into making a buying decision.

Also, other websites that link to your site matter as well. Part of any SEO service is maintaining healthy links to your site, and shutting down the ones that aren’t.

If you’d like to find out more, read this article about what’s involved in an SEO campaign.

What We Can Do For Your Website SEO

Enleaf can offer a broad array of service for your website SEO campaign. We’ll start with a complete audit, and find out what search term you’re ranking for and which ones you aren’t. We’ll look at your site and see if there are technical issues that have to be resolved. We’ll also examine the links that point to your site elsewhere on the internet, and see if any need to be altered or removed.

We’ll also find out what it is your business can get out of an SEO campaign. You may be best-suited to local SEO improvements, driving more foot traffic, phone calls and emails. Your company may be better served on an enterprise level, as enterprise-level SEO can scale your business beyond your wildest dreams, or help you recover market share.

From there, we’ll walk you through the technical issues that need to be fixed, and outline what can be done to improve your sites on page optimization. We can create unique, thrilling website content that will delight your customers and help improve rankings and move people further into your sales funnel. We will cultivate your link profile, to ensure that your site is getting the traffic it deserves.

We will also get your site ready for mobile. In today’s world, mobile SEO and optimizing for voice search is more important than ever. You cannot afford to neglect your site’s mobile performance. We’ll make sure you rank and are easily found by mobile customers as well as desktop.

Need data? You’ll get it. We will also provide as much data as you want, as a data-driven approach is at the core of how Enleaf does business. We will provide in-depth, custom analytics that will drill as deep as you want to prove where your spend is going.

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Ask About Our Monthly SEO Packages

We understand that your business is unique, and you may not be able to commit to a long-term service agreement for SEO, which is why Enleaf is able to offer monthly SEO packages. This can be an arrangement over a few months, or a month-to-month plan in case you may need to change things. Such instances are known to happen.

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Bear in mind, though, that SEO isn’t a quick fix. You’ll see results fairly quickly, but dominant rankings take time to achieve.

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If you think an SEO campaign with Enleaf is what your business needs, then contact us for a free SEO audit! We’ll have a look at your site, make contact and discuss where your site is at and where it could go. Enleaf’s SEO professionals won’t promise you the moon, as no provider ever should, but instead will give you a realistic assessment of what can be done with your website. We hire dedicated professionals that can and do deliver real results on a regular basis, so you will know what you can expect.

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Awards and Honors For Enleaf

Here at Enleaf we pride ourselves on maintaining a collaborative spirit. We regularly interface with some of the webs most recognized companies in-order to stay ahead of the curve. We feel that learning is an investment both in ourselves as well as in our customers. This is why we have traveled both domestically and internationally in-order interface with companies like, Google, Twitter, Baidu, and others. We learn from the best in order to deliver a premium product to our customers. The knowledge we gain through these relationships and training events is rolled back into each and every project that we do so our customers are left with a premium product.

  • SMX 2011 International Search Summit (http://www.internationals)
  • Elevate 2012 (http://www.pardot.com)
  • Managing People and Operations for Profit – North Idaho College – 2014 (https://www.nic.edu/)
  • Marketing Strategy for Profit – North Idaho College – 2014 (https://www.nic.edu/)
  • Yext Certification Program – 2014 (http://www.yext.com/)
  • SMX West 2016 (marketinglandevents.com)
  • SMX Advanced 2016 (marketinglandevents.com)
  • International SEO Experience – We did a project in China that involved touring Baidu (The Google of China)

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