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It’s a brave new world when it comes to websites and web design. Traditional websites have hit their peak in a perfect blend of function and beauty. However mobile sites are still in their infancy and a website that looks great on a computer often looks horrible on a smart phone.

The needs of the mobile user needs to be taken into account. Are they looking for directions, phone number for your business, or do they want to quickly view the menu, order something from your e-commerce website?

Phones don’t have the speed of a typical computer and all those fancy extras you added to your website will make it a frustrating experience for customers using the phone or tablet to access your site. Mobile phone users tend to quickly abandon your website and find a competitor with a quicker website.


Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design For Any Screen


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It’s important to have the right type of website design for a mobile phone. The first thing we do here at Enleaf is to strip the website down to its barest form, this is what works best on a mobile phone. This process includes getting rid of all strange fonts, flash features and enlarging clickable buttons for easy navigation.

The best news about having us redesign your website for mobile is that you don’t have to worry about redirects or anything like that. The site knows whether it’s about to be viewed from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, that way it can direct users to a simplified mobile version.

80% of Americans utilize a phone to access the internet, it’s quickly eliminating the need for a PC or a laptop. It’s better to convert your website now and consider the opportunity cost involved by not making your website mobile friendly.

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