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  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Integrated analytics and reporting
  • SEO friendly website architecture
  • Mobile responsive design optimized for site speed


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Standard Web Design Features

  • Dedicated on-going support
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive design
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook)
  • Search Engine Optimization (on page optimization)

Premium Website Design Features

Our Premium Website Design options include all the features of Standard Web Design, plus:

  • Dynamic Content Management System Based Website (CMS)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more)
  • Competitor Analysis and Tracking
  • Blogging and Content Marketing
  • Full Service SEO (on page optimization, content, link building)

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Why Choose Enleaf for Your Web Design Needs?

Unique Approach to Website Development

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With the creation of WordPress and other easy to use do it yourself blogging  platforms, it seems that all of a sudden ‘anyone’ can design a website. Well, that’s true and yet it isn’t. Anyone can put up a reasonably decent website that simply looks good.  However, we know you want more than that for your business.

It’s not enough to simply have a nice website in order to have a web presence. It needs to be coded with security in mind in order to protect your and your customer information. A well-coded website will also take into account best practices with User Interface, User Experience, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and much more.

We don’t simply offer you a good looking website; we offer you a strong long-term solutions for your business. Web design, website redesign, web development, mobile friendly web-design, website hosting services, and domain management are just parts of the complete solutions we offer.

We know how overwhelming this can be for many business owners. In addition to a website, we will make sure to train you or your staff on how to manage the site and can also serve as your outsoured IT and Marketing Department. From start to finsih and beoynd we’ll be there for you with face to face meetings andd 24/7 phone and email support.

Stunning Website Design Optimized For Your Business Objectives

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We customize every website we build using our experienced team of talented programmers, creative graphic design artists, and seasoned copywriters. Every peace of code we write goes through an approval process and every peace of content is optimzied by our SEO Speciaists. This ensures you end up with a website that is professionally coded, secure, beautiful, optimized and fully functional. No matter what kind of website you want, a business site, e-commerce website design, corporate site, store front, personal website, a blog or something else, our developers can code it. You are part of this process from start to finish in order to to give you exactly what you want, not just close to it.

Enleaf Builds Websites With Integarded SEO and Analyitcs Reports

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Naturally, there’s more to having a strong web presence than just having a good looking website. A beautiful site doesn’t mean much unless we can measure its performance. We not only provide you with stunning visuals, and high coding standards, but we also provide you with analytics and simplified dashboard reporting. You’ll be able to see how your customers are finding you, where they are coming from and if they are converting into sales.

Our monthly services go far beyond with competitor analysis, detailed keyword research and other SEO strategies. We can provide seo campaigns, social media advertising and run your pay-per-click shopping campaigns for you. Best of all, we deliver consistant reports so that you can track all of this and measure marketing spend.

Mobile Friend Website Design Thats Responsive to Any Screen Size

spokane mobile website design

Smartphones have taken the world by storm, but most smartphones do not render a full-sized website the way a desktop pc or a laptop does. The secret to a good mobile site is responsive design. This is a design methodology that matches and adapts your sites design to the device its being visited from.

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’. This is especially true when it comes to some of these other website ‘designers’. Graphics, programming, mobile sites, hosting, domain management, custom solutions, no one person can do it all, at least not very well.  We know this, and here at EnLeaf we don’t try to have one person do it all; we hire experts.

  • Our experts can give you the quality result you deserve.
  • No Cookie Cutter Solutions. No guesswork. Only the perfect website for You.
  • We will give you the true online presence that will skyrocket you to the top of your field.

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