Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Though it is much maligned in the art world, graphic design is an art form and takes as much skill as any painter or sculptor living.  Only a true graphic artist can give you eye popping designs, unique and pleasing color combinations and tap into the basic human psychology that makes people take action without even knowing why.

You don’t want canned color combinations, repeated themes and template logos. You see these everywhere. And if you see them everywhere, then their effectiveness has been severely reduced. Once, those themes and combinations might have been good, but no longer. They’re too common. And that’s where we come in.

Our graphic artists will come up with a unique graphic solution for you that is guaranteed to get your message across effectively, even in today’s oversaturated, information-filled world.

Affordable Logo Design Services

The right logo sets the tone for your entire company. The right logo should be used on business cards, all online and off-line marketing efforts, even on your website. A logo brands your company as a major player in your field. It gives customers confidence in you and your ability to deliver. It also allows customers to know your business instantly at a glance just by seeing your logo. Where would McDonald’s be without its golden arches or Coca-Cola be without it’s Spencerian Script and flourished logo? The right logo sets the tone for your entire business and the customer’s entire experience with your business. Getting the right logo is too important to be left up to amateurs. Our graphic artists will refine your logo until it’s absolutely perfect.

Print Design

Despite the huge popularity of the Internet, there is just still something about print marketing that people love. Even though people have been attracted to Internet marketing in droves, magazine subscriptions are actually up since the invention of the Internet. Since there’s so much less junk mail now, just about any type of ‘junk mail’ is guaranteed attention. People actually look forward to receiving the beautiful full-color postcards that they used to get so many of, but now are so rare. It’s important in your marketing efforts that you not overlook the importance of print design. Here at Enleaf we use no templates for our print design.

What we use instead is a team of professional designers, illustrators and copywriters to give you the most effective print design possible. After all with so little competition in the print design world, your print marketing material be it a flyer, a postcard, a brochure, a booklet, or even a full-size catalog is guaranteed to get attention. Don’t you want to get the right kind of attention? The kind that brings attention to your product/service instead of to itself?

Website Design

Here at Enleaf we offer more than just good looking websites. Our websites are actually designed using both programmers and real graphic designers for website that is both beautiful and fully functional. After all, a good-looking website has to work and look good in order to attract and keep your customer’s attention. Our website designs are not pre-made templates. Instead, they are the collective creation of programmers and designers working together to give you a unique website as unique as your business.


There is a difference between someone who works from templates and someone who doesn’t. The difference is the results, and the results that those results bring. When a person sees a certain design everywhere, they become immune to its charm but when a person sees a brand-new design they’ve never seen before, they become completely captivated by it and will want to know more about the business that brought it to them. Since we work from scratch on each and every project, you are guaranteed that your business will get the attention it deserves. Call us today and see how we can help your business through custom graphics.