Based in the Pacific Northwest, The University of Idaho is a leading university recognized for its master’s programs, including those focusing on business, education, engineering, law, and more.


The Problem

In January of 2019, University of Idaho was looking for ways to attract more interest in admissions in time for their Fall orientations. It was decided that a well-crafted PPC campaign make up a part of this strategy and Enleaf was brought to help with both the research and implementation.

The Solution

We began by setting up a campaign that closely matched our target keywords with the messaging present in the AdGroups. This was followed up with the inclusion of ad extensions which improved the effectiveness of the ads. Once live, we continued to optimize each AdGroup independently, regularly making changes to the individual keywords and their bid adjustments. In addition to this, we maintained a growing negative keyword list which prevented ads from being shown in irrelevant search verticals. This kept our cost per click low while continuing to encourage a healthy click-through rate.

The Results

Throughout much of the campaign, Enleaf was able to maintain an average ad position of 1.1 ensuring that University of Idaho’s ads were prominently visible in the search results. The PPC campaign was the most efficient campaign to date, receiving a total of 19,256 impressions and a total of 1,245 attributed website visits. This was while maintaining an average click-through rate of 6.45%.