Designed for maximum comfort, Theradome is a hair regrowth device that you wear on top of your head. Theradome uses unmatched laser light therapy technology to promote the growth of new hairs in balding areas while reducing hair loss throughout the scalp.

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The Problem

When Theradome initially reached out to Enleaf, they were unsatisfied with the results from their SEO traffic. The little organic search traffic they were getting was not generating much revenue. So Enleaf conducted a thorough website audit and discovered that the website had a lot of issues that were impeding the site from ranking prominently on Google. Furthermore, Theradome’s website had a lot of under-optimized metadata, the website was running on an outdated code base, and the website’s speed and load times were less than satisfactory.¬†

The Solution

Enleaf’s focus for the campaign’s first phase was to correct the technical on-page SEO issues discovered during our technical SEO audit. Next, we optimized and updated the web site’s metadata to match each page’s core subject matter better. We also worked to speed up the website’s load times and codebase, then built a robust link acquisition strategy.

The Results

Within less than a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, Theradome  enjoyed a 58% increase in organic traffic to their website with a 286% increase in search attributed revenue.

Organic SEO Traffic
Organic Revenue

“We are doing much better; thanks for all your hard work.”

Tamim Hamid
Theradome Inventor, Founder & CEO