Spokane Spine Team is a multi-purpose Pain Management clinic with offices in Spokane and Spokane Valley.

Spine Team Pain Center

The Problem

When they initially reached out to Enleaf, they were unsatisfied with their current SEO vendor. There was inferior communication and less than satisfactory results. We began our engagement with an exhaustive audit and review to determine the health of the website. Through this audit, we discovered that the website was added to a reciprocal link exchange. This inclusion allowed non-relevant content to appear on the website and introduced unnecessary risk to the website’s standing on Google.

The Solution

Enleaf’s focus for the first phase of the campaign was to correct the technical on-page SEO issues introduced by the previous vendor. We removed all of the non-relevant pages attached to the client’s site and went through the site page by page to update and optimize their on-page SEO. In addition, we implemented a strategic link acquisition campaign and content strategy and a supplemental Google Adwords PPC strategy.

The Results

Within a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, Spokane Spine Team enjoyed a 168% increase in organic traffic to their website with a 981% increase in traffic valuation.