Global CBD is a US-based supplier of cannabidiol-based products. Global CBD started its online business in 2016 and added an Idaho-based storefront shortly thereafter. After failing to gain much momentum and traction from the online portion of their business they hired a local digital marketing agency. Though after months of work, they ended up with very little growth. It was then that they turned to Enleaf to service their digital marketing needs.


The Problem

After an exhaustive audit and review, Enleaf determined that Global CBD not only lacked proper KPI reporting but also required additional structural on-page updates as well as off-page updates to adequately compete in their industry. Their site was plagued with issues that negatively impacted usability and uptime and their website lacked any form of the cohesive backlink profile.

The Solution

For the first phase of the campaign, a large part of Enleaf’s focus was on setting up proper tracking to measure both traffic and conversions to the website. This would help determine the true effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Enleaf did an initial round of keyword and competitor research that helped to guide both the content marketing and backlink acquisition strategy. Technical SEO was also implemented to address issues with the website’s server configuration and its codebase. This resulted in improved load times and usability.

The Results

Within only 3 months of implementing these strategies, Global CBD started to see an uptick in their rankings and traffic and has since seen a 334.26% increase in organic traffic resulting in an average monthly ROI of 375%.

Our customers are saying they are finding us everywhere. I even have some of them asking who my SEO agency is. Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up.

Joel Bordeaux
Founder, Global CBD