Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport for the Dallas–Fort Worth area, offering nearly 1850 flights per day. They have a vast array of security services from security personnel to police officers and firefighters all of whose responsibilities it is to maintain the safety and welfare of their travelers. In March of 2017, DFW Airport was looking to recruit talent in these departments and took advantage of Pay Per Click Marketing to broaden its reach in this endeavor.


The Problem

When Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport started working with our team, they had a pay-per-click campaign performing. The campaign which was targeted at attracting more recruitments into their security services had a lot of wasted Ad spend and was not cost-effective. DFW Airport needed a way to get more efficiency out of its campaign.

The Solution

Since the client had 3 Ad Groups all with differing demographics, we identified the Ad Groups with the lowest spend ratio. We temporarily adjusted a majority of the campaign spend towards this target Ad Group in-order to adequately optimize that Ad Group. Once that target Ad Groups’ effectiveness was improved and its cost was reduced, we then divided the total campaigns spend back into the other Ad Groups and did similar testing and optimizations.

The Results

Within less than a sixth-month period, Enleaf was able to Increase the campaigns monthly conversions by 117% all while reducing the cost per acquisition by 92.34% and reducing the monthly Ad Spend by 87%.