AutoPawn is a family-owned and operated business loan store based in Seattle, Washington. They are passionate about helping people through difficult times and offer quick, convenient automobile pawn loans.

Cash for Cars

The Problem

After months of having their website live and gaining very little traffic, AutoPawn reached out to Enleaf to help gain more traffic and leads. As a result, Enleaf conducted a thorough website audit and discovered that the AutoPawns website had numerous issues impeding the site from ranking prominently on Google. These issues included under-optimized metadata, slow website speed and load times, and under-optimized content.

The Solution

Enleaf’s focus for the campaign’s first phase was to correct the technical on-page SEO issues discovered during our technical SEO audit. Next, we optimized and updated the web site’s metadata to match each page’s core subject matter better. From there, we developed an aggressive national and local SEO strategy and an aggressive pay-per-click marketing strategy, which boosted the website’s visibility locally and nationally.

The Results

Within a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, AutoPawn enjoyed a 869% increase in website rankings and a 411% increase in organic website traffic.

Auto Pawn Rankings

“I don’t know what you did, but keep it up. Our phone is ringing off the hook!”

Demetri Marinakis
AutoPawn, Co-Founder