Ambassador Leaders is a US-based organization that offers educational leadership summits to student leaders across America. In the fall of 2018, their brand was being misrepresented and positioned in a negative light on a web forum. The references to the brand were un-factual but based on the opinions of individuals who had never used Ambassador Leaders’ services or ever had any engagement with the company.

Reputation Management Services

The Problem

When Ambassador Leaders reached out to Enleaf they were at the peak of their recruiting season and running into issues with some negative PR that was showing up in position 4 of Google for their branded search term. The negative PR was listed on a forum mostly by users who never actually utilized Ambassador Leaders’ services.

The Solution

Enleaf developed a multi-faceted approach consisting of both a branded Pay Per Click marketing campaign and an organic rankings strategy. The branded Pay Per Click campaign worked to push everything in the search engine results pages lower down in Google’s search rankings and as a result, push the offending page lower down the fold. The organic ranking strategy focused on driving traffic and backlinks into Ambassador Leaders’ 3rd party pages to boost those pages’ relevance and page authority and as a result push them higher in the rankings than the offending website.

The Results

Within less than a two-month period, Enleaf was able to completely bury the negative PR mentions that were affecting Ambassador Leaders’ reputation, all while helping them create new 3rd party web properties that bolstered their online reputation.