Academic Entertainment combines educational assemblies with the showmanship of theater, taking the stress and dullness out of school assemblies. Founded in 1997, they saw that reaching schools and camps across the country was best through the then-new internet. Struggling to find a foothold, they turned to Enleaf to grow their online presence and offer their educational shows to more schools.

assembly show marketing

The Problem

Beginning with an exhaustive audit and review to determine where Enleaf could help the most, we determined that Academic Entertainment not only lacked proper KPI reporting but needed additional structural on-page and off-page updates to compete. Their site was bogged down by usability and uptime issues while also lacking a cohesive backlink profile.

The Solution

Enleaf’s focus for the first phase of the campaign was to set up proper tracking to measure both traffic and conversions into the website. Having the ability to see these factors helps determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign of any sort. Once the tracking was set up, Enleaf did an initial round of keyword and competitor research to help guide both the content marketing and backlink acquisition strategy. To help with the website’s server configuration and codebase, technical SEO was implemented, which resulted in improved load times and increasing usability.

The Results

Within a year of engaging Enleaf for digital marketing services, Academic Entertainment enjoyed a 145% increase in rankings and a 55% percent increase in organic website traffic.

We started working with Enleaf in Dec 2017 on our Search Engine Marketing and Adwords campaigns. We saw an almost instant improvement in our conversions, click-through rate, and cost per acquisition. We added Search Engine Optimization work with Enleaf in February 2018 and have really started to see amazing gains in these areas as well. Year over year and month over month, our comparisons and results are off the charts. It’s been just a few short months, and we are very satisfied with our results. We’re seeing our company page show up on Page 1 of Google’s search results. We’re getting thousands of dollars of traffic to our website “for free” through organic marketing with Enleaf and they’re also helping us learn how to write our blog post on our own better. Making our entire marketing machine work in a more cohesive and planned manner. Our overall sales are up 8% over last year. A lot of this, we feel, is because of Enleaf.”

Whitney Aguilar
Sales/Marketing – Academic Entertainment