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Kids don’t read the newspaper, if a local one even exists in your area anymore, and getting outreach by radio, print, or other means is a long shot at best. At least if you really want a wide reach among local residents. The truth is that SEO to rank on Google isn’t just for bloggers or social media influencers looking to reach a global audience, but if you want to thrive instead of die, you had better be easy to find online locally.

  • Frankly put, local SEO has never been more important!

The numbers don’t lie. It’s not just young people looking at their smartphones before deciding where to eat, where to go, or where to buy. In fact, many studies show that as many as 88% of consumers will read online reviews before making a buying or purchasing decision of some kind.

If you don’t show up on top of the rankings, if you don’t have a large number of easy to find positive reviews then you are going to lose business to the local competitors who do. If you’re not firmly on top, then you need local SEO services to help you get there.

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  • What Is Local SEO?

Throw away the dictionary definition and you get to the heart of the matter: local SEO are the strategies and online business practices or tactics that will make you successful. If your local optimization is really good then local residents and visitors will find your website, become customers, and you will make a lot more money.

Local SEO is what separates the businesses who are on the top of local searches on Google versus those websites that are nowhere to be found. While you want to focus on making your business the best and most profitable it can be, the good news is that our services can help you get into the good graces of Google and stay there so you can enjoy the floods of traffic that result from having those top rankings.

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Google My Business Audit & Update

Just a small sample of what we bring to the table includes:

  • NAP Audit
  • Update / Expansion of your business description
  • Update category listings.

Visual Audit

  • Image Procurement Updates & Placement
  • Review / Update your current profile images.
  • Geo-Tag updates to your current profiler images.

Reputation Management

  • Monitor Incoming Reviews
  • Add relevant responses to reviews both positive and negative.
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Local SEO Services By Enleaf

Rank Locally In Search and Watch Your Business Grow

These are just a small preview of everything we bring to the able to help make sure that your website has every chance to get into Google’s favor and stay up at the top of local searches you want to rank for. Basically local SEO is how you increase your website’s visibility online, outrank the competition, and more visitors to your website means more qualified leads of people who can become potential customers.

At the end of the day good local SEO campaigns mean more business, more customers, and more profits from the local areas you serve. Those people are going to come to you or they’re going to go see the competition. Having your website on the top of Google’s local rankings is how you can make sure that they’re coming to you instead of the companies trying to put you out of business.

We Nail the Keyword Research

Far too many other agencies overlook the importance of keyword research, but this is going to be the backbone of any local SEO effort. Poor keyword research can doom a campaign to failure from the start and that’s why we really invest in keyword research.

We don’t just want to know what you AND your competition are ranking for – we want to know all the terms that your potential customers are searching for.

With some of the most thorough keyword research you’ll get from anyone, we will know your potential customer’s needs, the phrases they use, the keywords they type into Google’s search, and use that information to get you in front of them when they are online and ready to make that buying decision!

What Do Our Professionals Bring to the Table?

Our team combines decades of experience helping local businesses shoot to the top of Google’s rankings and stay there. We’ve seen the massive changes in Google and the other search engines over the years and we know how to do work that will last the test of time (and multiple Google Algorithm changes)!

You have a team behind you who is obsessed with SEO, online marketing, and staying a minimum of one step ahead of the competition so we can keep pushing your website ahead, as well.

We will bring you more traffic, better rankings, and a better return on your investment. In other words, we’re excited to provide you all the local optimization services that will help supercharge your business and take you to the next level!

Local On-Site Optimization

Local search can be a touch tricky because it’s not necessarily all about telling people on your website what you do (although that is very important) but it is crucial that your site is setup in a way that allows Google and other search engines to fully understand just what your business does, who would be interested, and where your physical location is. We make sure your site setup is optimized for Google’s search engine spiders to find this information FAST – which means they will push you up towards the top.

Our local SEO experts make sure that:

  • Your website is fully optimized for local search
  • Your schema markup is up to code and easy to find
  • Your NAP data is consistent and correct
  • Your local keywords are properly optimized while being careful not to overdo it
  • You are optimized for Google Maps

Off Page Optimization

When it comes to dealing with local rankings, there is going to be a lot of overlap between various parts of off page SEO tasks as well as local SEO tasks. That’s great when you have the hard-working and skilled search specialists we employee – that’s just another pair of expert eyes making sure we cover every single angle to getting your website shooting up Google’s rankings and bringing in the traffic you need.


When it comes to local SEO, you need citations. A citation is anytime your business is listed online with the contact info known as NAP (Name – Address – Phone) and each one had better match perfectly if you don’t want your website punished in the local search engine rankings.

While many people are familiar with major ones like yellowpages.com, Google Business Listings, or Yelp, there are actually dozens to hundreds of these sites out there depending on your location and you want to make sure you have the proper information (and links) at each one.

Our team makes sure these are standard across the way and sending searchers to the right place so you get the local attention that your business deserves.

We also optimize your map listing to make sure it meets all of Google’s best practices to make you more likely to show up whenever those hyper local searches take place.

Don’t go searching for hundreds of citation sites – we know where they all are. Let our professionals take care of it so you can get back to running your business and making it the best it can possibly be!

In addition to this we even audit and monitor local citations to make sure nothing changes, that your information isn’t changed without your permission, and to correct any negative SEO attacks from unscrupulous competition.

Building Safe Local Links

Links matter in SEO, and too many agencies try to take shortcuts to get you short-term benefits but then get your website penalized in the long run. We believe if you know how to do proper Google-approved (aka “White Hat”) link building you don’t need to do anything desperate or shady.

All our link building is 100% white hat and we know how to get results with local link building. This might be a challenge for some, but we know how to work with virtually any business niche, any service area, and how to get the all-important related links even from a narrow and competitive field.

In other words, we know how to find the hyper-local resources and special industry influencers willing to link to you to help you beat the competition and get to the top of relevant local searches. More online visitors, more customers, more business. That’s what we bring to the able for you.


We will help you beat the competition because we will know them better than they know themselves, and we will know the online state of your local market inside and out so we can develop a plan that serves you the best and helps you get the most out of your website.

Niche & Competition Analysis

We always take the time not only to look for local keywords but to do a full analysis of your competition. That means finding the 10-20 companies in your field or area ranking for all the top local searches on Google, getting a thorough analysis of each one, their website, and their SEO work, and helping to not only find the looked over keywords we can use to drive qualified traffic to you fast but also how to beat them for even the most valuable and competitive of keywords.

This analysis is crucial to give you the best possible local SEO service plan and to customize it to meet your specific needs and the specific challenges that your website faces.

Tracking & Sharing Data

You don’t have to take our word on whether or not a campaign is working to boost your numbers. We are data freaks and monitor everything around your campaign: keyword rankings, natural organic traffic, keyword rankings of your top competitors, leads, calls, everything. All that data helps us tweak and adjust on the way to create better and even more effective plans of action to help your website climb Google’s local listings.

You can follow and track all of this data. All of it is made available to you so at any given time you can see exactly what we’re doing, what progress is being made, and how that compares to the competition.

We have no problem being transparent, because we have a very long track record proving that what we do works for local businesses and gets them results! We are confident that our team of skilled and experienced professionals can do the same thing!

Why You Need Local SEO Services

Getting to the top of local search engine rankings doesn’t happen by accident. That might have happened once in a while ten years ago, but those days are long gone and they’re not coming back. Google has continued to get better and better at giving online visitors what they want, and connecting them with companies or businesses that are most likely to meet their needs.

In addition to this, customers are own their phones more than ever. Remember that 88% who specifically look for online reviews before making a buying decision? That pales in comparison to the 97% of people who report going online to help find local businesses or services. In addition to that, you had better be optimized for local mobile results, as well, because over 8 in 10 smartphone users report frequently using a search engine to find a local business.

They’re not looking at a newspaper, they’re not looking in the yellow pages or at a local advertisement. Most younger folks don’t even listen to the radio because they have other music sources without commercials. That means if you’re not on top of those online rankings, you are basically ceding up to 80% of your business to the competition.

That is a pretty hard disadvantage to overcome, and there’s no reason for it.

Even when the second most common method of finding a place is word of mouth – think of how much more word of mouth business you’ll get if you are getting flooded with customers from ranking for your local keywords! Local SEO pays off and it’s not just a short term pay-off, it’s a powerful weapon for long term benefits.

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In addition to all these reasons already given, local SEO has consistently been shown to get the highest conversion rate, the most business, and the highest ROI of any advertising out there. Being in the search engine results frequently also builds a trust and authority that you can’t otherwise create in today’s online world.

Add in the fact that an estimated half of all small or localized businesses don’t use local SEO and this is a clear opportunity to get out ahead of your competition and stay there. What if all the frustrations or struggles over the last few years were because you were simply in the wrong half of that group or had the wrong providers?

This isn’t always the case, but we have seen more than one real world example where things changed immensely for a client after a mere six months of local SEO. With so many businesses still not getting on board this is a clear opportunity for you to separate yourself from your competition and we want to help you do just that!

Everyone Benefits from Good Local SEO

You want to let the local community know about the quality service your business provides them. Customers want to find the truly best solution to their needs whether it’s where to eat, where to get the care fixed, or where to find a decent cup of coffee. They want the best options to be a search away. Google dominates by connecting the best possible solution to the searcher’s problem.

That means Google wants to promote you if you’re the best business, the best option, but you have to prove to them that’s who you are or you don’t get any of those coveted top spots.

This is where local SEO comes in. We get you those top spots you deserve so you can serve the community, customers are happy they found you, Google is happy when they see those high rankings, and we’re happy to play our part to help you succeed and add yet another awesome success story to our long list of them!

Your Local SEO Solution

Look, we understand how stressful it can be to run a small business, even if it’s doing what you love. Owning and running a business means you’re doing multiple jobs yourself and “wearing many hats” as the old term goes. We know how stressful it gets and how frustrating it can be when you have an awesome business offering great service and you’re just not getting the traction you could be.

When you have skilled professionals like us on your side you don’t need to worry about the SEO and getting your website in front of online searchers. We take care of that for you. This means you get to continue to focus on creating the best company you can and we work on getting your website to the top of Google where you get the levels of business and traffic that you’ve been dreaming of.

We understand local business needs and that makes us all the passionate about getting you results and doing it the right way so those results last for the long-term. We don’t want you struggling or falling behind, but getting ahead of local competition and staying there.

Every business owner has a dream and we love being in the online trenches doing our part to make it happen!

Many times giant corporations offer “SEO services” that aren’t personalized, don’t look at the competition, and cut all the corners. That makes us angry not only because it’s terrible practice, but because it can hurt the small businesses they are supposed to be helping. When you hire a local SEO company near you, a small business that provides top notch service, you can rest easy knowing we are committed to you and your needs, not some unseen bottom line for a board of directors thousands of miles away.

Your success matters to us.

Do You Guarantee First Result Rankings?
We do not. Google straight out says not to trust companies that guarantee rankings. We know how to get in Google’s good graces, we know how to deliver what they want, we know how to set you up for success and do what it takes for long-term growth, but we never guarantee a #1 result for a keyword – and you should be extremely wary of anyone who does.

When Can You Expect Results?

Search Engine Optimization takes time whether your site is new or established. This is a long-term solution, but one that keeps getting better with time as long as you build off that foundation. Generally we like seeing some longtail keyword results around 90 days and at 6 months you should start seeing some strong movement on more competitive keywords. After that continued work just keeps getting better and better results.

What Do Local SEO Services Cost?

This can depend a lot on location, your business, how old/new your website is, and more. However, we always work with customers to provide an affordable solution that still meets their needs. Don’t disqualify yourself, most campaigns can start small and be scaled up.

Please contact us today to learn more!

Will Your Website Need To Be Changed?

Usually big or wholesale changes aren’t necessary. There are often a lot of little things that should be done for local optimization. Those can be done by our staff or we’ll give you detailed instructions to do it in-house. In addition to that, if any major changes are necessary we will contact you and discuss it before any work is done.

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What are you waiting for? Don’t spend another day behind your biggest local competition. Even ten years ago it was true that the company on top of Google was the one succeeding, and it is far more true today.

Don’t settle for second best or worse because of second rate SEO services! Contact our professional optimization experts today and let’s start the ball rolling so we can show you just how amazing our local SEO services are. Your business and your bottom line have everything to gain!

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At the end of the day good local SEO campaigns mean more business, more customers, and more profits from the local areas you serve.