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Austin Web and Design may be a one-person company, but I know how to create a presence on your company's website. Just as a person is said to have charisma or appearance, you want your site to stand apart from your competition’s and be as personal and inviting as possible. I design with the power of communication, simplicity, and beauty, not flash, in mind. The keys to communication are well-written content, usability and search engine visibility. Simplicity enhances by not drawing attention away from the material. Beauty initially attracts your website visitor toward the content.

The significant steps in obtaining a profitable presence from Austin Web Design Shop

  • Analyzing current and possible future right customer base
  • Brainstorming to find words the above customers will most often use when searching the web
  • Collecting the physical assets (domain name(s), web host, etc.) to begin design
  • Design with search engine visibility, ease-of-use, and attractiveness in mind
  • Execute the plan
  • Further site usefulness by promoting both on and off the web
  • Gather feedback from online customers concerning your site's usability
  • Monitor website statistics and maintain

To paraphrase the real estate axiom, the three most important aspects of a website are content, content, and content. The design may be dazzling and attractive to video gamers, but your potential customer needs to know within seconds if you offer what they seek. The first sentence should tell the majority of visitors they have found the right site. The first paragraph is the last chance to hold eighty percent of first-time surfers to your website. Each page of your site must use the most efficient keywords and phrases to drive the search engines rankings of your company to the top. The majority of web surfers prefer to try other search phrases rather than clicking on the second page of search results!

Many questions must be considered in composing content. Here are a few . . .

  1. Is your customer base primarily business on business (B2B), government or individual consumers?
    What is the psychological and physical profile of your likely online customer base?
  2. Who are your most likely competitors for this customer base and what are they doing online?
    What are your most popular and profitable services or products?
  3. Geographically does your marketing target locally, regionally or even more widely?

A website with broken (also know as dead) links will quickly turn off potential customers.  Another lurking danger is the redirected link: a company relinquishes ownership of their domain name and an opportunist buys it only to advertise (perhaps Adult material) and/or dump spyware into an unsuspecting web surfer's computer.  These embarrassing links are the Internet equivalent of the front door of your business being off its hinges.  A website that doesn't communicate what you do better than your competition, is costing you younger net-savvy customers.  A website not properly promoted and maintained is a waste of the money you spent on design and continue to spend on web hosting.

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