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Why do you own a website? If you're like most people, you have a website to impart information or sell something. Noble endeavors, but they won't go very far, unless Internet users can find your pages. This is where Austin SEO comes into play.

What the heck is SEO and what can it do for me?

Two good questions. Before we go any further, however, let's define what SEO is. More formally known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO comprises a series of technical and creative modifications to your web pages that make your entire site more visible to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Not every programmer in Texas can do Austin SEO. When Austin Web Design Shop manages your SEO, we identify your target audience and reach them via individually written content pages that appeal to identified persona profiles.

Essential components of first-class SEO include:

  1. Page Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. H1 Tags
  4. Body Content
  5. Alt Text Image
  6. Hyperlinks
  7. Branded keywords and long-tail search terms

Now, a few words about what our Austin SEO can do for you

It comes as no surprise that keywords are the key to success, as far as interacting with search engines is concerned. Optimized keywords and long-tail phrases peppered throughout your webpage content and social media posts can go a very long way toward triggering the sort of visitor traffic you desire. Without great Austin SEO, nobody is likely to drop by your website to find information or to make a purchase. When your pages, titles, subheads and meta tags are perfectly optimized, the Internet public makes a beeline for your cyber door.

A savvy Austin SEO outfit knows how to track your keywords to monitor how well they are performing over time. Multiple metrics, including conversion, must be measured and tracked. If changes need to be made, Austin Web Design Shop can enact those changes and other SEO strategies to boost your rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Search Engine Ranking and Why it Matters

When a human wants to find something on the Internet, the first thing they typically do is type a word or phrase into a search engine. Yahoo, Bing, and Google are the most-used search engines at this time. Because of the way search engines index information, results can be shown to the user within seconds. Despite this amazing speed, most people want info right now, so they don't look past the first few listings on a search results page, or SRP. The very first URL listed is generally the one that is clicked. If your page is at the number one spot, good for you. That's precisely where you want to be ranked. If your pages are coming up below the first half of the first page, you won't get all the traffic you desire. Show up on the second or third page, and chances are not good that you'll see much web traffic or conversions at all.

When you're ready to take your Austin SEO strategy to the next level, give Austin Web Design Shop a call at (512) 312-7132.

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