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Getting To Know Craig Rhode Jr


    • SEO agency startup life and the pitfalls of selling your company.
    • The current state and future state of Schema Markup.
    • Where e-commerce is going and the current state of US / China sanctions on e-commerce.
    • Life after getting banned from the SEO Signals Facebook Group.
    • And Much more.

So yeah so we have been kinda connected I guess on Facebook for who knows how long. I probably connected via the SEO signals group I’m assuming you mentioned you’re part of a bunch of other grapes or I should say you were reporting to other groups yeah you can say that I mean it’s just like I don’t want to make myself out to be a troll or anything like that but it’s just like there’s some people who who act lies like predators in these groups and everyone is just trying to learn SEO and they’re trying to learn PPC and they’re trying to learn like the skills that they’re looking for and these people coming in to these groups are like teaching SEO only $500 and I’m always the first one to be like that’s bullshit don’t buy that course and then it gets into a flame war and then like Austin like I’ve noticed over the last couple years is that more people have been using the word trolling a lot more than you know there’s trolling and then like now it’s just kind of a buzzword and so yeah my currently banned from like 10 SEO groups yeah but most of those sto groups were you know just course course mines you know they were just trying to sell core stuff all right there’s only like two or three SEO Facebook groups that I think are even worse spending my time on the rest are just basically like people hawking their crap so yeah so I got it yeah I have a kind of reputation a little bit like I remember I went to this conference and this guy came up to me like are you Craig him again my roadie like I really like your comments by Kim like them or comment on them like okay that’s cool you know secret secret I am so funny it’s a little bit about yourself I mean or like into SEO obviously you probably would be in all these groups and have to be kicked out of them but I don’t think I’ve had much engagement with you outside of maybe some threads and stuff like that but like what are you doing in the space like what’s your background how long are you gonna in it so I’ve been rented the digital marketing for about 15 years I started as a marketer for cellular one another one that was eventually bought up by ATT I got laid off through acquisitions of companies and stuff like that and then I went freelance started my own company and then after that that guy acquired and that’s pretty cool we worked I worked with the people who acquired me and you know like sometimes when people say acquire they just said that you won’t get hired but I actually was acquired like they actually paid for my assets and my company name so I was like my first big woman and then I quit that job and then I spent about six years as the digital director of digital media for a professional snowcross racing circuit and and then after that after the winter vortex which was like negative fatigue low I had tried operate cameras and work on laptops and that in those conditions and I said no no more I quit that job I went to work for an industrial wood company as their director best SEO director of PVC then after that I worked for that got fired by a Chinese company and then we gotta let go laid off fired you know with the nice severance package and that I worked for this financial group working for leaves and then you know it’s kind of like the story is it’s like these like I always get on the ground floor and these companies when they first started off finishes they get quite acquired and you know is this like unfortunately look with marketing department where always when it comes time to trim the fat and not is this were always kind of like the first one to go and then after that I started my own company back again doing client work for the area and then now I work for will memeber which is a kind of bigger agency as their director of Moss Digital Strategy okay history right there for you yeah that’s a lot so they put a little back up a little bit you know of course I could tell you about my stuff I don’t know how much you know about in the event he said you mentioned like you looked at our website it’s a big job but um I’m curious just because I had a lot of friends in the business that had started out started agencies sold them and worked underneath that the first the first company you mentioned that was acquired was this your company or what just one that you worked for I just it was just a company started this is that this was like on the beginning of the SEO kind of trend is that okay you know it was at the cusp of the start of the digital mark mean the big the big posts that we’re all in right now right this was this was at the start of it and you know I was the first one in northern Minnesota to start offering you know SEO work SEM PVC you know website design the thing was is that I went from marketing to digital marketing and the thing was is that you know like let me just say this is that some people like they stick to a niche and that’s it like you know there’s no like I’m gonna ask the old guy but I’m not PVC guy and the pp said well I’m not a CEO guy the problem with me though is that my philosophy and sometimes it gets me in trouble I’m not gonna lie to you is that this philosophy gets me in trouble sometimes but it’s that good trouble you know is that problem-solving trouble that I realized is that there’s no such thing as a niche anymore is this that the SEO guy needs to know the PPC guy and and and all those tasks like the SEO or the PPC the HTML coding the JavaScript coding all this like needs to work together so some of these agency tiredness bolting I’d be like you know let me talk to your SEO guy and then asked what the SEO guys for the PPC guy and they’d be like what and yeah it’s just it was just that that mentality that I’ve embraced for the rest of my career is is that my time learning how to video edit right now like I’ve probably spent the last six months studying video editing and After Effects and when I tell like fo SEO people PPC people like what I’m doing or like well that’s crazy we just hire it but a problem is is that I see them before I see in the future is that and we’re already seeing it is that YouTube has turned has Harborside turned into a social media sales channel rather than just the you as a place to watch funny videos I mean we’re seeing a complete you know complete push towards video hosting video platform and video ad chains and stuff like that so when I saw the writing on the wall about this is that I spent about $3,000 on a nice camera I finally upgrade my adobe cloud like I was using like cs5 forever because I was like I’m not going to do that but I finally upgrade to the Creative Cloud and and got all that stuff together and so the thing is that what I’m trying to get to is that the PPC component that I worked on works in tandem with the SEO stuff I’m doing just that I want to be the first one to embrace a more video SEO video PPC strategy for my clients and I can’t get like I can this is a problem this is where I get into this problem is that I take these tasks on because I want this done to my level and the problem I ran into last year which kind of was the catalyst of all this was that I hired this guy to do a video and I told them that I needed three variations of the video for different for the different PPC campaigns and Keenan he didn’t get it like he just gave me one video and just said you know hey this is what you’re going to get that like oh that’s like oh so finally just say you know I’m just going to embrace it and do it myself and so it’s it’s it’s that jack-of-all-trades mentality that right I’m I’m you know fully aware it’s a problem but in today’s digital marketing world in order for you to understand completely how all the pieces work you have to do it yeah they all have to go in tandem like that’s like that’s absolutely the case and what I’ve seen it sounds like kind of what you’re alluding to is really to succeed with digital marketing you can’t just it can’t be a one-trick pony anymore used to be like you could you can get along with just SEO you can get along with just pay-per-click marketing or maybe just doing social media marketing these days you need like you have to have all those things working on all cylinders not to mention video and so it’s like every business out there essentially needs the equivalent of a like full-fledged multimedia company with all your just you know your digital buying all that stuff the biggest challenge is you get these small to mid-sized businesses and you know they they have a hard time coming up with a budget to do all these things I know for myself like SEO is definitely where my skill set is maximized but you know that’s leverage with partners and team members that are there doing all the other stuff to pay-per-click marketing my background is in software development but I learned early on but I was you know I didn’t want to be kind of a code monkey and there were a lot better developers than I was so I pivoted into digital marketing and how it looked back since but of course I know enough code to be dangerous and I know how to work with our development teams to instruct them same with content like I always tell people I’m like you don’t want to be writing your content I’m like but I can take in average or even a talented writer and teach them how to write to web and that’s the biggest thing like in fact sometimes I like taking people that are right out of college that are you know in kind of the literary degree that are so engrained because I often find it harder to take a a classical writer or somebody who’s written for print and kind of breaking them of those habits because in a way I don’t like saying you have to dumb it down but you have to teach them how to write analytically as well as creatively and your pure creative writers like you teach it alright for web and it kind of breaks their brain a little bit but going back to your first agency I want to pinpoint this because there’s probably a lot of people out there that are like you maybe they started an agency maybe they’re getting some interest to buy it yes I’d love to hear of applying that pros and cons obviously a buyout can be exciting or getting money for a company but often there’s typically negotiations inside of there where you’re working for the company for amount of time amount of time if you’re entrepreneurial I find I’ve seen this over and over again you get a founder he builds a product or service it gets acquired he he works as part of the sale underneath the company and often there’s that whole like internal conflict like I started a company so I didn’t have to work for anybody and now I’ve created my own boss did you did you have any of that happened oh it was the acquisition process was interesting because the thing was it was a lot of like talk about you know basically it was money time and that was that was the prop that was my my like my regret about this whole damn thing was that the money I realized was that I was young back then listen to me I was I was money hungry and the number was good okay the number was it was good the only thing is was that I regret there’s there’s two there’s there’s two sides of this coin but I want to say is that one is that I regret what I did but on the other side of the coin is that the path that my decision has pushed me on is a hundred would never change it and so it’s a conflict but the only thing is when you write what you did it’s hardly selling it or what is what specifically right yeah I should have been you know I’m gonna be a person like honest with everyone who’s listening here which I am but thing is that it’s more being honest with myself I guess when I say is that I was not more of a man when I came to that decision because I own a percent know that if I would continue to work and keep doing what I was doing that I would probably have made the same amount of money that was offered it was just that it would right been given to me as fast and so now and you were to retain control or a businessman so here’s the problem was that I got fired and the thing wasn’t that I didn’t did and I tell everybody whoever says the word acquire or am i selling company or anything that is to hona percent that the company that’s buying you like understand their moral straw sure and understand their their company’s company philosophy and stuff like that but cause like I don’t mean that I did business was a harbor cent I cared about the client I treated I treated my agency as a way to like I’m your marketing partner I’m not I’m not here to just sell you a service I’m not here to you know just do X Y & Z I’m here to consult you I’m here to be a part and I’m here to be your land in the battle well the thing was is that the company that fired me was you know it was basically a factory you know it was just churning out pages do it ice turn a burn they were they were just bran the most suspicious be a PBM links back then I mean this was like some super shady stuff and I were the only problem was is that I would raise these issues to these people and I say like this isn’t working this isn’t well you know your role is this now so we don’t really want your input right and I just remember that one medium was like I was you know I had this really good speech about content and how content is going to be the key to this business and and the lady who was supposed to be in charge of content I was just a strategy guy I was just like I’m gonna think of this stuff for you that’s what she should do right the lady who was like in charge of the director of content for for this company like she just pulled me aside and just said you know like listen like you need to stay in your lane I’m gonna talk about content and it was at that point that I realized I made a mistake have you read the year the book Lost and Found er by Iran Fishkin not yet like I mean like if you see in the background like I am exiled to the basement right now because of what’s going upstairs and so my stuff yet my beautiful bookcase and all my books have been packed up and so what it is in my collection is just that you know I’m currently you know in transit but I think one have been is it certainly on my read list I just completed reading the four hour work day and I’m certainly I’m starting this new book called leadership the how did the tone of the man which is this new book it’s about leadership and how being a leader doesn’t like even though it’s you just kind of have to break stereotypes and understand like what leadership is them really looking for that book and if you it’s new on Amazon I 100% recommend everyone who listens to this is to check it out well you know I haven’t heard that one but it is in my collection the reason I like that book is it it kind of I think you I think you’d resonate with it what what he does it is so interesting and you don’t see this is he basically like uh like removes the veil on the myth of you know Silicon Valley the whole the whole kind of mythos around on the start of business and I’m going to sell it for millions of dollars and my life is going to be like wonderful and you know yeah there’s success stories and they’re people that do that they go through the the the process of building this thing that ends up being kind of like their baby then they basically sell their baby and then it gets destroyed or sometimes sometimes it’s a success story but in his case he he basically talks about like all these regrets he had he basically was ousted out of moss from you know and you know the takeaway that I found most interesting is he’s like look um like don’t get me wrong I make a really good salary you know I make a lot more money than most people but he’s like but I’m not like rolling in dough like you would think having sold a company like mullahs and and so at the end of it he and you even get some of this if you follow any of his like social media stuff like he ended up like kind of really like frustrate or this situation and and it’s it’s a site of things that I’ve seen repeated I have good friends that have done almost what you’ve done where um they’ve created I know a friend and time I wants any names but he has been doing marketing for out her pretty well-known he started an agency basically on his own and a few guys and then I’ve got a full-fledged full-stack agency sold a agency worked underneath them as part of the buyout and eventually got to the point where like you like nobody wanted to listen to him and and he just couldn’t get used to the idea of going into an office all day and reporting to somebody and eventually he said look I can’t do this he’s like I tried but this is not me so basically they severed ties with them they left him keep his original brand but of course all the assets the employees of training stuff it was all gone so he’s kind of starting from scratch so I’ve never been I guess I’ve never been super drawn into like let’s build something and to sell it I really kind of in the slow and steady like when you erase like I can leverage you know SEO and the income and lifestyle that it provides and rolled out into other other assets you know for me personally that’s stocks and real estate but I you know I couldn’t at least any kind of the near future see myself selling off a lot of that stuff maybe aspects of it and this is where people get into like training and courses I still haven’t really done any of that it’s a little bit saturated but you know the idea is tempting but I also find that you know for me I’m easily distracted so I like to kind of stay the course and so far you know client based stuff has worked worked out quite well for me so I mean let’s not like the thing is is that understand I agree with you and it’s just that we gave a look at what’s happening in Texas we see that the old-school Silicon Valley that we’ve learned to love in the last like ten years is slowly eroding and that fracturing the honey percent fracturing the thing is is that nobody in their right mind would have thought that Texas would be a incubator but the thing is is that Texas has also become like this magnet for smart people who want to start businesses and I have never spent don’t blame them at all because the tax rates and write the support of the Texas government the Texas local governments is amazing and so you like listen on not to get a little political but no matter how you liberal or conservative or Democrat Republican where you land you also kind of have to realize that today today like right now is probably one of the best times we’ve seen the last probably 25 years to start a new business and you know the thing is is that who you know does anyone get any reward or any sort of compliment for that probably not because you know history repeats itself then we talk only thing is that the stock market the eagerness of entrepreneurship and the the work force that works were experiencing in this country is at an all-time high and so it is one of the best time to start businesses so thing is is that I’m seeing personally for my my circles is that when people start talking about fire you know selling a fireman they’re kind of saying no I’m happy where I am I like what I’m doing I’m not this I’m not going to sell out and I never thought that we would talk about a choir you know selling your business as you know such a negative way and selling out but if you take a look at how the tone is these days is that selling especially with you know we’re kind of in this problem with Facebook Google and the big tech is that they’ve they pretty much have been pac-man and gobbling up companies and now companies are saying like no we’re going to build rather well and it’s a really big time yeah well that’s the thing too that always like blew my mind that pee go in starting in business and they would you know they be working on their their exit strategy before they even started accompanying them like dude you’re all backwards like if you’re thinking about an exit strategy like and you you’re only like one two three years in like you you’re doomed to fail like it’s just not you know I mean I asked this one person I what was their five-year strategy and I like oh do you mean my three-year strategy is selling this I thought to myself like how bizarre you know it’s like Wyatt right why don’t we have that mentality but it you know is out there it’s crazy yeah yeah so let’s fast forward like what – like what you’re doing now you kind of went through a bunch of stuff like what you mentioned that you’re doing a lot of video you’re doing some PPC like where woody divide your time do a team like are you like what’s that whole scenario like I have a team a small team nothing crazy but is this that we’ve been all kind of working together to achieve these goals and the as of right now is just like we’re seeing this trend girl is that like if you take a look at it like how Google has released the Google like usually you don’t see this many updates for the ad platforms as much as you do now because Google conversant is gearing up the ad platforms for cyber monday because i mean cyber monday is gonna be probably one of the biggest sigh I ever sent believe that slavery Monday is gonna be the first cyber monday to actually beat Black Friday and so you’re seeing you’re seeing Google put a lot of effort into TrueView and programming advertising and the whole YouTube environment adding cards buying it at hook enough Google Express they should turn into Google payment and so with the that horizon is that as the what really triggered me with doing video was that I heard a presentation at this one conference was that didn’t Lou and the guy said that five years ago the most opened apps on a phone where Facebook Google Maps search browser and then he takes a look at 2019 and he said that the three most open apps now are Facebook Google in YouTube maps dropped in war and and so the thing was is that if anybody ever says to me like you know listen we just use YouTube just to host our videos is that I just pump the brakes on them and tell them that the retargeting the retargeting power of a YouTube video today compared to like three years ago is lightyears ahead and when you can set up retargeting pixel retargeting that pixels by retargeting metrics at the one minute to two minutes watch the whole video watch half the video you know it really kind of defines your marketing message and we see this now that you know we’re getting to a certain point where and it was kind of wild but I hundred see that html5 is gonna be eventually upgraded to the these rumors of a more video centric HTML six which is going to be you know able to manipulate responses and payments and demos of videos and stuff like that and so it’s it’s just insane and and you sound like you see it on the horizon you see like all the big agencies like 54 is talking about it Nina Hale where I’m locally located Minneapolis one of the largest advertising companies in the Midwest and country she’s talking a hundred percent that’s all she talks but it’s you to YouTube YouTube and the only thing is is that what I’m seeing though is that that YouTube is going to become a haunted or sound part of your SEO and your PPC plans no matter who you are and that videos using SEO keywords and descriptions making sure that your YouTube your YouTube videos are showing up in the search snippets using schema in your website to properly code the video embeds which is increasing because if you put the schema inside of the iframe Google treats it as YouTube’s firing off the schema not the website it’s wacky I’ll send a link to that theory and so what I’m trying to get to I guess is that my team sees the kind of like the horizon and so that’s why we’re putting a lot of emphasis on learning how to do good video because we can we can do video anyone can do video cell phone video cell phones have become really powerful pretty really great video the only thing is is that when you have when you have like content writers who are used to writing blogs with key word emphasis now you ask them to write scripts for actors and the thing is is that I get this a lot sorry that your loud basement sorry is the what we’re seeing though is that not like people don’t talk about this which I don’t I find insane is that when you write a script in the voiceover and your actor in your video talks about your subject is that you the YouTube algorithm is so powerful that it detects them it you know provides captions for your voiceover or your actor automatically but not a lot of people talk about is that those captions are not just for the hearing-impaired is that they are hundred percent are used to do additional SEO ranking actors and that’s how YouTube can factor out content these days where they add placements are to see if it’s explicit if they’re talking about subjects that are you know tableau for some advertisers and so if you if you know that’s happening then your scripts your voice-over stuff that you’re writing for um the whole keyword kind of philosopher that applied to content blogs can be applied to voiceover scripts in and normal scripts for videos and so kind of wrapping this all up is that we’re taking our YouTube stir our SEO strategy for content and in the whole keyword ranking and we’re picking it up and we’re putting it into scripts and voice overs knowing that if our voice-over person says this keyword by the three minute mark YouTube will take a look at that keyword and emphasize on that keyword and that’s what we watch especially if you’re doing affiliate marketing and so with that type of philosophy applied is that that’s hundreds um where I see the future of how all this tie together I think there’s yeah there’s we’re doing Eliza too and also kind of seeing you know the interoperability between Google properties and basically contextual maps being created from you know everything from say a YouTube video that’s embedded into a blog post Google’s not just seeing a bunch of content and in a flat video there they’re looking at the context you know of that video like like you kinda hinted to they’re able to parse that data and make connections between that and they’re really doing this with like a lot of their properties and so you know I’ve even seen where people are utilizing YouTube videos and references in those videos back to specific map and local type elements to further your local SEO and rankings and so absolutely Google being something really that they are they own a lot of those assets obviously they’re in the business providing a good experience from search to YouTube to you know massive said right so the more context they can gather across properties the more you know the more likely one is going to be visible for those things and I’m seeing also a lot of correlation now between schema markup and YouTube videos we’re seeing a lot more videos show up in selective search results I think that’s definitely something that’s that’s I think we need to because Congress and I think what you just don’t know is that I think one of the biggest failures of modern SEO right now is the failure to implement proper schema code into websites and you can see it in the SEO groups on Facebook you can see it across the board every single SEO group there’s always a couple people including me because the thing was is that i 100% believe that you know the reviews and the five star schema that was polluting search results you know I want a piece of that action so I went tonight and I researched schema for reviews I find out that you don’t stay they disallow that and so now you have you have the old schema tricks being abused google is responding and saying no we don’t want any of that and we’re gonna disallow this stuff but yeah we were we were we had a lot of couple properties where we were getting a lot of visibility because of you know where these schema and you know they’re on an update and it’s all gone it’s like okay well I guess that’s not know anymore although there’s you know it’s funny everything that Google does there’s so for instance a lot of times I haven’t tried this but I’ve been told by multiple sources that you can flip out like for instance review schema with octor schema and really do kind of the same thing for instance on a blog poster so you know it’s this constant at mouse game and that’s kind of I mean that’s kind of what SEO has always been it’s like you know there stay one step ahead of algorithms and and that’s you know I think that’s how it’s always going to be but the thing was is that percent agree with you on seeing that it’s just that the constant failure of the SEO community to realize what Google is trying to tell us is that Google and any modern search engine from now to the end of time is asking 100 percent what is this page what does this patient contain and the thing is is that not a lot people talk like about this factor which makes me you know a little upset maybe i trolled a couple face Facebook groups on this matter but if you take a look at your search budget in your search console and some of the issues I see sometimes it’s like welcome Google’s not scanning my whole site and the problem is that the search budget the search budget for that scan isn’t is so so long you don’t get unlimited resources oh yeah if you properly if you use schema schema a hundred percent allows the manipulation of pages for the search results but when it comes to search budget in search console any search engine is that when you illustrate that x y and z are articles authors or blog posts raised like that if you illustrate that to the to the the crawler the crawler doesn’t take time to calculate try to crunch what this is and so you’re actually saving time in your search budget by laying it out for the crawler and say this is an article this is a paragraph this one author and so one of one of the benefits I see a hundred percent that it’s not talked about it says schema saves you time on the search budget and so not only are you have little micro data being processed by Google it’s faster it allowed more of the pages up to to be indexed and right I just think that points need to be pushed more out in the community yeah that’s a good point you know I was having a conversation somebody explaining crawl budgets and and their question to me was like well Google’s like you know they’re one of the largest companies in the world like aren’t they getting better at crawling sites and the reality is yes like they have all this bandwidth obviously they’re they’re innovating technology wise but just because Google’s advancing doesn’t mean the amount of websites and content that needs to be crawled is slowing down so Google can keep advancing and progressing and you know put all these resources behind things like crawling and parsing data understanding it but at the same time the whole you know the whole world is expanding the number of websites YouTube videos etc so I think you’re right like schema is is you know a tool that they can utilize to reduce the the I guess the overload that they need to really parse and understand what a website’s all about it’s in a weird way it’s almost like you know like I don’t know if you’re right I did blackhat or number old school like cloaking you know the idea there was a little bit different in that you’re you’re presenting data to Google than what’s really on you know presents to the user in a way it’s almost like schemas like Google authorized cloaking of course the idea is that the the schema markets of course could probably match what you have on your page same idea that allows them to render data quicker have a better understanding what it is but on the flip side it almost gives you some more control on on that the other thing that’s really interesting too is like so we do a lot of things with like page optimizer pro and core another like imperative analysis tools I was actually just at a conference SP a rock stars flash NFP conference so I got to sit down with you know like some of the authors of some of the tools that are out there but the interesting thing is a lot of the contextual analysis that is is available can actually be utilized via schema so for instance let’s say you’re looking at a certain frequency of you know keyword usage or term usage so that you’re matching your competitor one way you can do that without bloating up your content with you know kind of spammy looking keywords as you put your schema markup in there and all of a sudden you have another segment of content where you can you can dial into that context so it offers it offers right now I think a window where people that are aware of what’s going on in this space have the opportunity to get ahead before this becomes commonplace and you’re you know average business owners is implementing schema right now it’s really much a digital marketing eco sphere in fact most developers I work with you know don’t even know really what schema is and if they know what it is they you know certainly don’t know how to implement it how to do it correctly so right now for those people that are even kind of at the infancy of like SEO maybe you’re just getting started understanding schemas where you can get ahead and get something like you know running start on on you know what seem to come I think and don’t and listen if you’re using like here’s a tip though is that if you’re using Google tag manager I hear a lot of people like oh how I codes schema now the basic scheme in my site the thing is is that the old myth that you can use Google tag manager to implement schema and and have it fire on pages some like I got as heated debate about this I flat out show them is that the old trick was just to put the schema code into the HTML bucket and had the HTML trigger have the HTML tags fire and so Matt from Google said don’t do that the only problem is is that he you know he was talking about just putting the segments of the schema into the HTML code but if you script it ahead of time and he put the script and you say that this is a if this is a script Ronna has a script there’s a really great chunk of snippet code that you can put it above your schema and so when the tag fires on the page it treats it as JavaScript or it treats it as this other script rather than just the HTML code and so Google will however self treated as a chunk of schema code that’s fired and won’t have any problems and so one of the cheap ways to do it right now is to this if all you have to do is just Google Google tag duel tag managers schema script and there’s like probably three or four really great examples how this is used and the thing is is that that same technique is used today so if you take it to the next level and you take that schema code and you work your WordPress variables like if you identify the pieces of content their paragraphs where authors or anything like that you can have that key tag schema code fire off it suck in the variables and then don’t put a schema no extra coding on the wordpress site or any other site it’s completely its own separate environment and so when it comes time for you to change the schema code that you don’t have to call the developer and ask for packet access that you’ll just edit through the Google tag yeah yep yeah there’s certainly a you know different ways to implement it I’ve you know I’ve used it both Google tag manager the natively on a website and you know questions different protocols those are that are more accepted by Google and others that are accepted but not specifically supported so so tell me a little bit like like what you’re doing as far as like are you doing mostly affiliate stuff client like over both honestly I’m doing everything that can make me money just flat all right I’m doing doing client work I’m doing affiliate work I’m also doing a Shopify work I think I think Shopify is probably the fastest growing e-commerce platform I know there’s gonna be big commerce Magento WooCommerce and stuff like that but when you see that companies like Walmart are opening it up their warehouses and their resources to small businesses is that you kind of have to like take a look at how you can take advantage of that and Shopify is a harbor sent the biggest easiest option for people right now because even though you paid for this those fee is monthly is that the integration with Amazon eBay this new Walmart Channel what do you see integrations with like house and what’s Dylan’s Ezell or something like that is that you’re not taking your storefront your products that you’re trying to sell through the Shopify store and having it managed on each channel across five or six different shopping channels and so we try it when you try to do that with like big commerce or Magento or WooCommerce it gets complicated you there’s some scripts it got pay extra for plugged into the sub like that but to have that all integrating the Shopify is a Humberstone why on Shopify champion and I just conversant I believe in it so when you have to be like what I’m doing – anything to do money it’s just that basically client work affiliate and then growing the Shopify my trunk of Shopify stores and it just stores that you own and operate like the affiliates are these are client base it’s kind of a mix right now one is kind of an equity chair that shipping in the market and products and I handle the marketing the funny thing is is that you see a lot of warehouses who are starting to open up their shipping systems to drop shippers and so the way the one thing I do right now is that if I see a warehouse where I see a manufacturing facility anywhere like Minneapolis or st. Paul or both Lahoma or anything that my travel assist I always try to write them down and you know find the shipping guy on the research guy I mean nothing out the research guy sorry there’s a shipping guy find out who’s in charge of shipping ask them what shipping channels are using I just flat-out attic ask the marketing guy like hey view drop ship and and the funny thing of if he asked me like five years ago if this was possible I would say no but today though a lot of manufacturers are embracing drop shipping they just want their product sold so right they don’t really care the channels you know long as they get their margins as he died I did use here I think it was oli oli Express is starting to basically try to get an inroad with us-based small businesses I haven’t I don’t know all the specifics but I saw that come across my screen you know a couple weeks ago which I found really interesting I don’t know how far they’re gonna get but you know China you have sanctions but I found that really interesting if anything does it it’ll look like you know that could be huge does imagine the smaller miss smaller mid-sized business who now has a direct access to buyers in China usually that was reserved for the you know the big-box high or high quantities ski you corporations that kind of knew how to figure that out but so that’s something that keeping my eye on as it relates to that whole e-commerce thing like you know at the point where the small mom-and-pop you know company has access to a global market without having to have a lot of you know integrated development and extra know-how like that that could be interesting yeah I mean basically that was the byproduct of all the tariff scares in mainland was that the tariffs one of the things that’s that talk about a lot is that the terrorists really disrupt its fly lines in mainland China to America and so you see Aliexpress you’re seeing manufacturers provide now deep platform from China and so that the supply Alliance a hundred percent worth I mean the US Postal Service stopped stopped a package shipping a couple months ago and that really threw le Express for a loop and so you see Aliexpress is trying to rebound and try to get a chunk of this new market and you know it’s its own interesting like how they’re positioning themselves more and basically I mean the thing is that we all have to embrace that retail apocalypse is happening and and everyone I mean this I told this one group of people are talked to about satisfied slide-out told me said ecommerce this is is our generations gold rush you know yeah done just gotta sell it yeah yep well guess all I guess we’ll wrap up maybe with a couple more questions like you know what now that you’ve been banned from the SEO singles group what what’s next for offer Greg I don’t know I got like ten other groups but the thing though is that the one thing that I’m really really I can’t say because assignment NBA what they’re say one of my passions and last couple years has been the connection between the physical world and the digital world and with iOS 13 I think and drawing the Android 10 system that’s coming is that NFC NFC and Bluetooth beacons are gonna make a big resurgence and that even though I’m ban from the SE of a singles group I I have this new Facebook group I’m starting all your you know viewers or whatever to this group but the thing is is that this whole IOT the internet of everything the Internet I’m sorry not the Internet of Things the IOT this is this IOT movement just 100% is going to take effect next year because with the emphasis of the apple cart Apple kind of redoing the whole Apple Wallet system droid merging everything into their Google Wallet is that I however simply 20:20 this would be the year where we kind of abandoned credit cards and in wallets and I would pay mostly for everything use our phone I mean we see states like New York and California and Florida embracing digital driver’s licenses and yeah and they’ve been doing this in China for like gosh oh yeah and China’s lightyears ahead of us and the thing is that the push by Apple is the biggest single sign for this movement I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life I was like I was original old gangster on Bluetooth beacons I thought they were the coolest thing and then the multi-level marketing people ruined it but you see Tim Cook is the applecart the Hall Pass kit is coming back into phase and if you take a look at Chipotle Chipotle a stop pretty cool concept and now 100% of their email coupons are past kit so the thing is is that even though I’m banned from the SEO singles group is that I want to take all my energy to this Facebook group that I’m making them and you know everyone’s invited but 100% but uses Wayfair promotes this new movement awesome yeah well I’m excited to kind of stay up to date was like what you’re doing and I’m sure you know this is I don’t have any real video platform podcast something like that I’ve been kind of playing with the idea of putting something together so this is kind of like alpha or maybe what will come and hopefully as I get something more developed you know we could do it certainly chat again and I just I appreciate it yeah I think your website is probably one of the most polished professional get to the point websites I’ve seen the last probably five years that’s awesome yeah yeah what’s what you were mentioning and like that that’s awesome to hear like you know I get pros and cons from clients etc but you know hearing from someone in space that I kind of feedback that keeps me encouraged and you know one of the things we’re on is you know developing different tools none of them are really groundbreaking but some of them are tools that you know otherwise you’d have to pay for or you know put behind a paywall inside sound tool that are probably out in the market but I’ve put my own twist on them and made them pretty much pretty accessible and hope to continue doing that I got keyword research towards coming out of here soon I’m just working up content so that will be next and you know keep the keep the cycle turning and that’s what this whole thing is all about whatever you’re doing just keep doing it and don’t change a thing because I just I find your site amazing so awesome man all right now well I appreciate your time and yeah let’s stay in touch and we’ll all have to do this again sooner or later all right cool talk to there dude all right we’ll see it thanks but


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