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Why Your Business Needs A Custom Website Design

In modern times, a business without a website will struggle. This essential digital asset helps build brand awareness and acts as a connecting point between customer and business. All of your digital marketing strategies are going to leverage the website. A well-designed, customized website design will encourage users to take your business seriously while looking into the different online solutions.

Studies show that 88% of all U.S. customers go through an online research phase before purchasing. This includes heading online to the company’s website or visiting a local store. This demonstrates the importance of having a good website ready for customers to look at. If there is no website, customers will move onto another business that gives importance to this aspect of marketing. When a website isn’t good enough, it will increase your bounce rate and harm your conversion rate.

Your business should not go through this ordeal, and it starts by knowing what the target audience wants. A good website is going to make your brand increasingly profitable with time.

Custom Fit Web Design vs. Website Templates: What’s Right for Your Business?

Communicating with the target audience is essential, and it needs to be done the right way. This includes having a digital asset that is accessible around the clock for clients. Of course, each website is unique, and some will not offer a good ROI. The goal is to choose the right type of website design that will yield great results as time goes on. This includes choosing between a custom or pre-designed template.

With a pre-made web design, the template will already have all of the vital elements in place. This will be done by a website developer that sets up the website’s framework using HTML or CSS. These templates are not always rigid and allow for customizations, including colors, images, or fonts. However, there is nothing more than this available through pre-made website templates. On the other hand, you save quite a bit of time as these templates can be set up within a few hours.

With a custom design, you can control each aspect of the website and allow your brand to come through these design elements. It can work better with your underlying vision for the business. However, you will be paying for this, which tends to add up right away as an upfront cost. Going with a custom WordPress website design will likely make it user-friendly and SEO-friendly due to you having control over each aspect of the website’s design.

Going with a custom website design package allows you to tailor everything and make sure your brand’s message gets across as needed.

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Why Custom Website Design and Development is the Best Option for Your Brand

With more and more people creating websites, it’s become important to take the next step using customized WordPress websites. This allows you to personalize different elements on the website and make sure it runs smoothly. Pre-made websites tend to be bloated with unwanted features that website owners rarely use. You don’t want these restrictions, and that is where customization comes into action as a merited choice.

You will want a design that is good for building a solid brand, SEO-friendly and offers quick load times. These are the details that matter for your investment. Choosing the right custom website design package will allow your business to flourish online.

The stats show:

* 90% of Online Shoppers Associate A Brand’s Reliability With Its Online User Experience
* 40% of Online Users Leave A Website If It takes More Than 3 Seconds To Load
* 94% Of All First Impressions Are Based On A Website’s Navigation & Visual Appeal
* 48% Of All Online Customers Believe Website Design Indicates How Credible A Business Is

This is why building a custom website is a must for becoming a reputable name in your niche. It will allow you to become a quality option that is built on a solid brand. Take advantage of high-value web design services and create a positive first impression online. Enleaf is all about world-class custom website designing and is ready to help.

Custom Analytics and SEO

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Prices vary by market and are subject to change.

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It is essential to understand the merit of brand identity and what it can do for customers that are entering the sales funnel. Using Enleaf’s website design services, you are going to gain access to comprehensive audience assessments, site analysis, and business reviews on how to convert leads better.

We are capable of going through the finer details, including your vision, strategy, and website design. It will correlate with your overall marketing setup. With our custom website design services, you are going to have the chance to create something ideally in tune with your requirements.

Your online potential starts with the website, and it will improve your customer’s experience. We take care of everything, including wireframe creation, web migration, website development, and sitemap. Start with us by asking for a detailed consultation.

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Prices vary by market and are subject to change.

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Custom Website Design Services

* WordPress Experts

A simple website is not going to help with your branding due to the competition that is out there. You need a custom website design company that can help with this step and make sure your website is crisp. Our custom WordPress website design specialists do more than use pre-made themes or plugins. We create customized designs that are built around your brand’s needs.

* Website Analysis

We focus on collecting critical website data built on a complete eCommerce website design. This includes focusing on building traffic-generating solutions that are user-friendly. We also test for different aspects of the website, such as its usability, consistency, and how accurate the page content is. This stands out about us when it is time to target customers.

* Logo Design

Building a logo is one of the most important steps for managing an online brand. We will integrate the logo into the website theme and make sure it flows well with the rest of your branding. 

* Video Production

Creating high-quality videos can help, whether it is about your niche, product, or service. This type of engaging content will drive in new customers that are intrigued by the visuals you’re creating. This will also spread the word about your business faster than ever before. We can help with everything, including the visuals, interview questions, drone videography, motion graphics, photography, and scriptwriting.

* Content Writing 

Research shows that 59% of customers tend to prefer well-structured web content compared to traditional web pages that were common in the past. It is about presenting your brand as a reliable one that people want to pay attention to. This starts with fresh, engaging online content targeted to your audience.

* eCommerce Web Design

When it comes to an eCommerce website, it’s all about the shopping experience. This begins with the custom eCommerce web design and how you develop the asset’s social proof. This includes using high-resolution images, navigational elements, and putting together engaging descriptions. This is how you can optimize a website for sales.

 * Website Hosting

Hosting a website is all about load times and making sure your digital marketing efforts are fruitful. This helps using our premium web hosting services as we focus on uptime, reliability, security, and overall SEO performance. You will also receive access to consistent customer support, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, customizations, and free malware removals.

* ADA Compliant Web Design

 Complying with the ADA standards is a must. All of our website designs take this into account, and that is a must for ranking higher on Google and ensuring everything is fine-tuned for those with disabilities or impairments. 

* Content Management System (CMS) Integration

CMS capabilities make it easier to personalize a website further and make sure content development is a breeze. Our web design company makes use of high-quality plugins and advanced language technologies to help design full-fledged multilingual websites. 

* Responsive Web Design

Studies show that a slow-loading website will lead to significant losses as the target audience’s attention span continues to go down. This is due to the average webpage getting better and faster with its load times. To retain customers, it’s important to use scalable vector graphics, responsive images, and clickable areas/buttons.

* Website Maintenance

Maintaining your new website is just as important as any other aspect of web designing. Our services allow you to take a step back while everything is kept up-to-date, including the security updates, backups, links, and the overall sales funnel. Our technical support is on point and will always be ready to back you up as a business.

* Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Enleaf is all about helping businesses convert their leads into sales. Our website design packages are tailored with this in mind ensuring your website is a great sales funnel for ongoing sales. We focus on using the right images, compelling content, and premium call-to-actions throughout the website. This includes streamlined registration and checkout processes.

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Prices vary by market and are subject to change.

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* Kick-Off

As soon as it is time to go through with the initial consultation, our specialists will begin assessing your vision, target audience, and needs. This is a launchpad for determining your expectations when it is time to create a brand-new website. This will ensure that things are on the right track.

* Strategy

When it comes to strategy development, this step needs to take place right away. We take the time to collect data, create a proposal, and begin working on potential website designs that will work for you. A project manager is going to present them to you while shedding light on the upcoming development stage.

* Development

This is when the site will be developed along with content optimization and on-page SEO. We will go through all of these elements, including interactive site elements, color options, logos, and branding. Once we do this, it’s time for a thorough site review to see if revisions are required.

* Launch

Now it is time to transfer the website to your live server. We will help with each step during the web migration process, ensuring you also learn more about how the website works on the backend. We also provide comprehensive site maintenance services to keep the website running like a well-oiled machine.

Affordable Web Design and Marketing Services – Get a Free Quote

Prices vary by market and are subject to change.

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Award-Winning Custom Web Design Company

A common issue in digital marketing has to do with small businesses refusing to create a custom website. Some don’t believe in the value of having a dedicated website and believe it is a sunk cost. You don’t want to have the same mindset as a modern business owner.

A custom website design will provide a long list of benefits, including:

* Results-Based Elements

* Affordable Customization

* Ideal for Managing Multiple Locations

* Seasoned Content

* Complete Marketing Integration 

For those looking to run a business in this day and age, your online presence has to be world-class. It’s the only way to stand out and make sure new customers continue to roll in with time.

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