Hidden Legend Winery

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“Enleaf did a awesome job with not only the design, but also functionality updates and rebuild of our site. Since taking over our SEO we have seen a 20% spike in sales. We are very happy and would recommend them to anyone wanting quality work done by honest people who are very patient.”

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When Enleaf first took over the account for Hidden Legend Winery their site had a lot of issues. Visually the website was dated and there were some obvious loose ends in the fronted design. Furthermore the website was built on subpar e-commerce platform that left a lot to be desired.

Hidden Legend Winery Before and After.


Enleaf outlined a content migration and optimization strategy and implemented this along with updating the websites core design and fulfillment backend. Enleaf spent time researching Hidden Legend’s market and client base and devised both a pre and post launch strategy which has since helped to further Hidden Legend’s sales and customer base. This later developed into a online SEO and PPC marketing strategy and Enleaf continues to support Hidden Legend Winery to this day.



Beauty By Svetlana


“Very happy with my new business website! We started with yellow pages but had an awful experience then Adam at Enleaf created the perfect one for us, just what I had wanted! He is very professional and knowledgeable! Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for someone reliable and talented!”


When Enleaf first took over the account for Beauty By Svetlana their site had a lot of issues. They were nearly locked into a contract with a sub-par turn and burn website company. The site that was developed for Svetlana was poorly designed, plagued with typos and was not even close to matching her services. Luckily after lots of back and forth, Svetlana was able to cancel.

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Enleaf outlined and developed a custom website capable of showcasing all of Svetlana’s wonderful work. Furthermore, her site was built utilizing search engine optimization best practices. With the decision to add on an SEO package, Svetlana is already experiencing growth in her business as new customers discover her business daily.




Fluid Applied Roofing

Paint Crafters

Roofing website design

“I have worked with Adam on two websites and I found him to be helpful , patient and understanding. He is always ready to help me understand what we can do and what I need to make our sites user friendly and simple. I would recommend Adam to anyone who needs a new website or an update.

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When Enleaf first took over the account for Paint Crafters, their site while functional, needed a refresh. Enleaf outlined and developed a website design capable of showcasing Paint Crafter wide array of services. There newly developed site was built for a fully integrated WordPress content management system making updates and changes very easy and efficient. This was the second site that Enleaf did for the company and the results were well received.

Roofing Website Developer



“We hired Enleaf to do an SEO audit of our website.  In a little over 1 week, they came back with a 49 page report highlighting on site issues and provided recommendations that my team could easily act on.  Adam and team have been helpful throughout the post-audit process and I look forward to working with Adam and his team again.”

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