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What is Presearch

What is Presearch?

What is Presearch? Over the past several decades, the Internet has grown to become a platform and tool that consistently pushes innovation boundaries. The Internet is now so much part of our everyday lives that it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. It is a news source, a way to connect with family…

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What is a Web Crawler and How Do They Impact SEO

Web Crawler Basics:  Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to get answers at your fingertips so quickly with search engines like Google and Bing? It’s easy to take this convenient access to information for granted. Search engines are an excellent gateway for research and information gathering; however, their lesser-known sidekicks called web crawlers to…

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Google's New Three Dots Menu Snippet

Google’s New Three-Dots Menu Snippet

A New Google Search Engine Feature Google began its brand new rollout of a new search engine feature for US users recently. The newest change adds a 3-dot menu to each site that appears in the search engine results. From this menu, users can gain information about the website. This is an advertised Beta feature…

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