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Google's New Three Dots Menu Snippet

Google’s New Three-Dots Menu Snippet

A New Google Search Engine Feature Google began its brand new rollout of a new search engine feature for US users recently. The newest change adds a 3-dot menu to each site that appears in the search engine results. From this menu, users can gain information about the website. This is an advertised Beta feature…

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What Are Google Core Vitals

What are Google Core Web Vitals

In May of 2020, Google launched the Core Web Vitals Report inside of their Google Search console.  This new toolset aims to provide web developers and site operators and with a set of SEO tools and metrics capable of improving their website’s user experience and performance. Ultimately, the Google Core Web Vitals’ introduction is Google’s…

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Does Click Through Rate Really Matter

Does Click Through Rate Matter

Many people in the search optimization world are currently debating whether click-through rate impacts search engine rankings. Well, for starters, this debate is not new to those who have been around for long enough in this industry. Click-through rate, or CTR as it is commonly known in digital marketing circles, has been a controversial ranking…

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