ADA Compliance Services

Allow Equitable Access to Your Website

There are 1+ billion people worldwide living with disabilities who struggle with the lack of assistive technologies and non-adapted means of communication. Suppose you own a website that abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. In that case, you may ensure equal opportunities for your digital content for every visitor.

With Enleaf, you can make your website ADA compliant by implementing an advanced artificial intelligence tool that any website visitor can use to navigate your site without any difficulties. In addition, we provide online users with an ADA compliance tool for assisting them to leverage ADA tax incentives, avoid lawsuits related to ADA compliance, and make them long-lasting customers.

Contact us right away to ensure that your website adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Section 508, and EN 301549 standards.

ADA Compliance Services

ADA Compliance: Equal Opportunities to Digital Content Secured

ADA Compliance Services

What Does ADA Website Compliance Involve?

We’ll also look into the eligibility requirements for the ADA tax credit and the benefits for encouraging you to make the necessary ADA accommodations and get the best out of the ADA compliance tax credit.

ADA Compliance: Equal Opportunities to Digital Content Secured

There has been a significant increase in the general awareness of disability-inclusive development over time. Many countries have already introduced relevant laws safeguarding patients’ civil rights living with disabilities, forbidding discrimination, and offering a barrier-free environment in every building and establishment. Although this is a progressive move, complying with web accessibility standards is not a universal thing.

The web promises independent participation when it comes to online users. That said, for people struggling with impairment to enjoy the wealth of benefits and information it provides, website ADA compliance is vital.

Read on and understand the foundations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and other web standards to make sure that your site is ADA compliant.

What Does ADA Website Compliance Involve?

There are different types of company brochure designs out there. More than 15 types of brochures are commonly used by businesses today. For example, tri-fold, half-fold, roll-fold, and Z-fold are some of the most popular types out there. Then you have the variation of every kind, including half+half fold, half-fold+tri fold, and half-fold [letter]. Other standard brochure types are single gatefold, accordion fold, parallel fold, and double gatefold. 

The type of brochure design best for your brand will depend on the amount of information (texts, images) that needs to be included in the brochure. The layout of your brochure should give all vital details about your products and services to the potential readers. 

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What Is the Role of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 15% of the world’s population suffers from disabilities that affect their everyday life, such as online shopping and web browsing. As a result, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) introduced the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to resolve the demand for web accessibility primarily.

WCAG is a technical standard focusing on illustrating ADA accessibility and directing web developers to ensure ADA website compliance. Many governments throughout the world have implemented the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). They are currently part of many pieces of legislation, including Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and EN 301549.

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In 2017, WCAG 2.1 was enacted to resolve web changes and technological advancements. The new version typically builds on the previous WCAG versions. It focuses on making sure that digital content becomes more accessible to a larger group of people suffering from disabilities, such as:

  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Hearing Loss
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Speech Disabilities
  • Low Vision
  • Photosensitivity
  • Cognitive Limitations 

ADA website compliance does not signify a particular adherence to just ADA requirements or WCAG standards. Instead, it’s an all-inclusive term – it acts as a gold standard in developing websites accessible to every user, irrespective of physical or cognitive ability.

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Is ADA Website Compliance Mandatory?

 Yes. Nowadays, your website being ADA compliant is not a choice but rather a requirement. Most countries, such as the U.K., Australia, and Canada, need WCAG compliance for every website. The IRS Code Section 44 ADA tax credit was introduced in the U.S. to offer up to $5,000 ADA tax incentives to guarantee website accessibility and promote small businesses and organizations to provide equal opportunities to digital resources.

 However, the ADA IRS tax credit is simply one of the numerous reasons for making sure that your website is ADA compliant. Ensuring ADA website compliance is essential to guaranteeing the success of your business. No matter if your site falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’re focusing on the ADA tax credit benefits, or if it’s your legal requirement to make sure that your site is accessible in your particular service locations.

 By ignoring web accessibility guidelines and ADA assistance, your business will undoubtedly be in danger of an ADA website compliance lawsuit with the possibility of ruining your credibility, marketability, and overall financial capabilities. Companies and organizations that fail to prioritize ADA website compliance should:

  • Pay legal charges for failing to adhere to ADA guidelines
  • Have an accessibility policy on their site
  • Make sure that their site remains updated with the WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Ensure that their web development crew received ADA assistance training and web accessibility
  • Pay a certain settlement to the plaintiff.
  • Adopt mandatory updates to their site to guarantee compliance with the ADA standards

WCAG compliance and ADA web compliance are your legal and moral obligations apart from expanding your reach online, enhancing your company’s sustainability, and requesting your ADA compliance tax credit.

Suppose you want to prevent the consequences of ADA website compliance violations and instead gain from the ADA website compliance tax credit. In that case, you need to find out if your website is ADA compliant or how you could make it compliant.

Let us walk you through all ADA requirements, the ADA tax credit qualifications, and how your organization can benefit from our ADA services. Enleaf can help you understand the fundamentals of web accessibility guidelines, learn the ADA standards and the ADA compliance tax credit eligibility criteria, and of course, how to navigate the intricacies of WCAG compliance. Contact us now to find out more regarding our ADA services.

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What Is the Importance of an ADA Compliant Website?

Allow a Comprehensive Online Experience

Quite frankly, your web design says a lot about the quality of your products and the level of customer support as a business owner and marketer. It’s essential to show your key stakeholders, clients, and prospects that you’re dedicated to providing the best level of service by investing in an ADA-compliant website.

ADA compliant websites always ensure:

Compliance with the Law

Patients with a disability are protected under the law against prejudice across establishments and platforms – and websites are not an exception to this rule.

Whether you’re an eCommerce website or simply a company with a physical location, you are at an increased danger of being sued today if you fail to adhere to the ADA compliance guidelines. Making sure that your site is ADA compliant will undoubtedly protect your company from serial web accessibility lawsuits.

The first step of ensuring that you’re on the right side of the law is to find the right professionals. They may help you go about ensuring that your website is ADA compliant. It will ultimately help you save a few thousand dollars that might have been otherwise incurred on employing a defense attorney and prosecuting an ADA website compliance case.

ADA Tax Credit Eligibility

Typically, small businesses that prioritize web accessibility and satisfy the ADA tax credit qualifications have the eligibility of up to $5,000 IRS ADA tax credit and tax deduction. These ADA tax incentives are of utmost significance to industry leaders and marketers looking to expand their online reach and boost their website accessibility but have financial difficulties.

 The ADA compliance tax credit typically caters to 50% of the overall ADA website compliance expenditures spent in a taxable year. Apart from allowing you to save a substantial amount of money, the tax credit will also allow you to invest what you save in the necessary modifications to your site along with brand developments.

Accessibility for All

Many people struggling with disabilities worldwide need information from digital sources and have technical requirements that need attention and better awareness. An ADA-compliant website generally enables visitors to get equal opportunities in accessing your digital content and having better-informed choices.

Given the powerful global shift to a more user-centric digital landscape, this is the right time to know how you can ensure that your website is ADA compliant and act to enhance your website functionalities.

Furthermore, strictly abiding by the web accessibility guidelines will improve your clients’ web experiences and promote unforgettable brand interactions. ADA-compliant websites also ensure that online users feel most valued and respected.

Increased Potential to Convert

There are a variety of forms that disability presents itself, which may include visual impairments, motor disabilities, developmental delays, and hearing disabilities. Therefore, businesses that optimize their websites to accommodate this demographic can help more users meet their information requirements.

Having an ADA-compliant website guarantees that different audience segments remain engaged. The larger the number of users who can access your site, the higher the likelihood of boosting your retention rate. An ADA-compliant website also enables you to convert more visitors into paying clients, and ultimately, loyal brand supporters.

Long-Term Profitability

ADA website compliance also helps to facilitate customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Although patients living with a disability may have a lower total income, they still account for many dollars in spending power.

The American Institutes of Research (AIR) published a new report detailing how inclusive marketing practices and ADA compliance can help businesses tap into the purchasing power of the approximately 20 million working-age adults living with disabilities in the United States.

In the U.S., people struggling with disabilities have a combined disposable income of approximately $490 million. Suppose you delay an extended period in developing an inclusive online experience. In that case, you will likely lose more revenue streams and conversion options to the competition.

Competitive Advantage

In most cases, businesses make the mistake of overlooking individuals suffering from disabilities in the marketplace. That said, what most companies don’t recognize is that disabled people consist of a significant economic group representing around 10% of total spending online.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, ADA website compliance is the only secret. Ensure improved access to your products and services and secure your brand from getting ADA compliance lawsuits by understanding methods of ensuring that your site is ADA compliant. ADA services from Enleaf are what you require to have a competitive edge.

Search Engine Optimization

Most SEO elements such as color contrast, captions, sitemaps, text size, image alt tags, and video transcription overlap with ADA standards. And if you adhere to web standards, you’ll enhance your SEO efforts and allow both search engines and online users to have a good impression of your brand.

 One primary component of WCAG compliant websites is being readily accessible to screen readers. Screen readers are a form of assistive technology that usually crawls website pages to render both text and image content as speech output or braille.

 It enables the blind, the visually impaired, or people with learning disabilities to obtain the information on your site. In addition, an ADA-compliant website enables search engines and screen readers to provide information to patients suffering from disabilities without any issues.

Positive Reputation Online

According to Click Away Pound’s research, only 11% of individuals with disabilities would request assistance from family members or friends after experiencing an access barrier. That means that a vast majority of disabled people shopping online or browsing will click away and look for an alternative website that’s ADA compliant if they cannot access your website content.

Since the Internet enables quick word-of-mouth marketing, it means that it only takes a single online review or recommendation to influence users’ perception of your brand. Having an ADA-compliant platform is an excellent way to expand your reach online and draw in more people to your site. Maintaining a website that’s ADA compliant also secures your online reputation, which makes you the #1 business of your target market along with their connections.

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Tax Credit & ADA Tax Deduction

You might have come across The IRS Code Section 44 ADA tax credit. So what exactly is this, and which businesses are qualified for this tax incentive?

The ADA compliance tax credit was introduced in 1990 to assist small businesses in eliminating the barriers preventing people with disabilities from accessing sites. Generally, the ADA compliance tax credit caters to half of the eligible expenditures or the charges involved in improving website accessibility. That means that if you choose to prioritize making your website ADA compliant, you might be qualified for an ADA tax credit & an ADA tax deduction of up to $5,000. However, the amount you’re eligible for will rely on your overall expenses.

ADA Compliant Websites

Typically, the Section 44 ADA tax credit applies to small businesses not exceeding 30 full-time workers and have earned a total revenue of up to $1 million within the taxable year. However, you may receive either ADA compliance tax credit or ADA tax deduction, or even both based on your qualification.

For you to consider claiming the ADA IRS tax credit, you’ll first need to fill the ADA tax credit form 8826 and meet the requirements for other tax credits that you’re applying for. Remember that you need to consult with the tax preparer to establish eligibility for the ADA compliance tax credit and seek professional help when filling out form 8826.

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Are You Prepared to Have a WCAG Compliant Website?

Suppose you’re still uncertain whether you should have an ADA-compliant business website. It is crucial to recognize that the answer could be in the fundamental values of your business and your custom web design’s functionalities.

Does your website accommodate all online users? Does it allow a seamless, all-inclusive online experience for patients who have a disability? Does it adhere to the guidelines for ADA compliance?

Undoubtedly, ADA web compliance is critical to accommodate the needs of your audience and ultimately make your brand future-proof in this increasingly competitive online landscape. For example, suppose you are looking to earn a tax deduction or an ADA tax credit while also securing the rights of your customers. In that case, the best place to start is to learn everything to do with ADA website-compliance tax credit guidelines.

ADA assistance is an essential component of digital marketing. Do you value your web visitors and customers? Then you shouldn’t hesitate to educate staff members on how to make a website ADA compliant and how to implement the ADA website compliance guidelines.

Apart from your website being more accessible, you also need to ensure that it is profitable! Work with Enleaf today, and we will teach you how to ensure that you have an ADA-compliant website to be eligible for the ADA tax credit.

The ADA experts in our team understand that when you get a compliant website, maintenance is needed to keep it like that. Undoubtedly, the ADA compliance expert designated for you will execute the relevant changes and ensure that your website always adheres to the ADA regulations. The best part is that it will be done at no additional cost.

Unlike most web development and design agencies out there, Enleaf includes ongoing tech support to you in their service package. Your ADA specialist is always available, just call or email. 

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ADA Compliance Tool

 In general, Enleaf is one of the most reputable ADA compliance service providers that offers all-inclusive ADA compliance services. We can guarantee that our advanced ADA compliance software can fix any ADA errors on your site, ensure WordPress ADA compliance, and satisfy the IRS ADA tax credit requirements.

Our ADA Compliance Tool Features:

Visually Impaired Profile

Our ADA website compliance specialists will improve the visuals of your website, making it more accessible to the visually impaired. We abide by the ADA website compliance tax credit requirements.

We ensure that your digital content is best suited for screen readers. We do this by using coding standards to guarantee the correct nesting of headlines, make distinctive hyperlinks for the color blind, and associate text with links.

Seizure Safe Profile

Photosensitive epilepsy may be caused by website content that flashes, flickers, or blinks, such as videos or animations. The ADA compliance software at Enleaf will lower color and remove flashes from your website, making it a safe platform for epileptic and seizure-prone users.

Cognitive Disability Profile

This profile consists of assistive features that assist visitors with cognitive abilities, e.g., autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), or dyslexia, concentrating on the essential page elements and completing the expected action.

To ensure better, understandable content, we implement a search engine linked to Wiktionary and Wikipedia and offer methods for helping users navigate your website with ease.

Support for Blind Users

Our A.I. tool primarily analyzes your website elements to offer screen readers appropriate data, following the ADA website compliance tax credit guidelines. Enleaf’s ADA website compliance software generally adjusts your website to make it compatible with every screen reader, including VoiceOver, NVDA, TalkBack, and JAWS.

Keyboard Navigation

Many people use the keyboard to interact with the web. Enleaf dedicates itself to enhancing the keyboard accessibility of your website to ensure that every functionality that is available by mouth is also available through a keyboard.

ADHD-Friendly Profile

Enleaf’s ADA compliance software removes distractions on your website to enable people with neurodevelopmental disorders to browse, focus, and read on the critical content. Typically, the ADHD-friendly profile consists of a reading mask that provides users with sufficient time to access and engage with content on your page.

Content Modifications

With the ADA compliance widget, page visitors can adjust your website content to match their needs and disabilities. For example, digital users can modify font size and line height, change text alignments, magnify texts, highlight titles and links, and adjust letter spacing and font style.

Color Modifications

Another option for digital users is the color adjustment settings. Page visitors can optimize the contrast and saturation of your page elements. They may even modify the title, background colors, and text to allow an optimum online experience.

Orientation Adjustments

Enleaf’s ADA compliance tool makes sure that your content adapts to the desired orientation of the user. Website visitors can hide images, mute sounds, choose between a big black or big white cursor, use a virtual keyboard, and allow the reading mask.

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The Advantage of Our ADA Compliance Tool 

Strengthen Your Online Foundation and Fix ADA Errors

Many recognized institutions and brands, such as Harvard University, Netflix, Domino’s, Amazon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Kylie Cosmetics, have faced lawsuits after failing to satisfy the ADA accessibility requirements. You don’t need to wait for demand letters before having an ADA-compliant website. Consider investing in a reliable ADA compliance checker to secure your business from such ADA compliance lawsuits.

Perhaps you don’t have the time, resources, capabilities to take an ADA compliance test? Instead, work with a reliable web design company that understands everything to make websites ADA compliant. Whether you are looking for a new website built or simply a redesign, your website will undoubtedly be screen-reader friendly from the get-go with our assistance.

After we integrate our ADA compliance tool, we can maintain your website’s full ADA compliance via plugins or software updates. In case you have any issues, our committed ADA specialists, together with our tech support staff, offer help at no extra cost.

Quite frankly, developing more operable and navigable websites has always been at the core of Enleaf’s business activities. So when the question came up about getting ADA-compliant websites, our team of professionals skilled up fast to guarantee our customers a seamless and superior website build.

It’s the reason why we’ve formed our ADA website compliance services together with the implementation of our ADA compliance tool into our web design packages. By choosing to utilize our ADA compliance tool, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Automatic Scanning

Enleaf’s ADA compliance tool usually scans your website every day for any new website updates and any possible errors. Once it identifies a glitch in the system, this A.I. tool will fix the issue automatically to allow a seamless online experience for all your website visitors. Furthermore, our crew undertakes manual reviews every month to resolve the problems that the tool might have missed.

95% Success Rate

Our ADA compliance tool generally has the highest rate of success in the market. It primarily performs critical ADA compliance website tests and rectifies all the errors that it finds. Enleaf’s ADA compliance software also delivers almost 95% of all the needed WCAG compliance.

Secure Software Program

Enleaf’s ADA compliance software acts as an overlay to your site. It simply means that it is activated when design adjustments have been allowed through the interface. The most important thing is that changes will be applied to a user’s particular session.  We ensure that the ADA compliance tool will not affect your web design, U.I., and overall website performance.

Customizable Widget

Customize the widget settings to suit your brand, adjust your user interface (U.I.) and design elements, and allow screen reader and keyboard navigation. Enleaf’s ADA specialists combine all these features into our widget to guarantee WCAG website compliance.

Interface-Powered UI & Design Elements

Undoubtedly, we understand that there are different users with different needs and preferences. With Enleaf’s ADA compliance tool, page visitors can adjust a host of design and U.I. features. This entails orientation, display and content, color settings, and live dictionaries to satisfy their interests. The design adjustments are focused on removing any access barrier on the site.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Would you like to know how to have an ADA-compliant website while still maintaining data privacy? Enleaf does not collect user data. Therefore, you can be confident that your GDPR compliance will not be affected after installing the A.I. tool. Your client’s information will be protected, and you’ll avoid hefty penalties while still abiding by ADA guidelines.

Accessibility Statement

We usually add an accessibility statement to your site after executing the accessibility interface (foreground) and A.I., machine learning process (background application) of the ADA compliant software. This statement acts as evidence of WCAG compliance and the ongoing commitment to executing ADA website compliance guidelines.

Multi-Language Support

Enleaf’s ADA compliance software also supports multiple language settings, including Dutch, Spanish, and French. This feature enables a broader range of patients suffering from disabilities throughout locations to access your web pages and retrieve the information that they require.

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Why Choose Us for Professional ADA Website Compliance Services?

Expand Your Target Audience and Attract More Customers

Enleaf – located in Washington – is one of the very few ADA compliance companies providing comprehensive web solutions that satisfy the ADA accessibility needs. Our ADA compliance experts have conducted in-depth research, undertaken intensive training, and spent months brainstorming to build an A.I. tool that checks for ADA compliance in websites, performing all the necessary functions to guarantee WCAG compliance.

Before launching our ADA services, we tested and used the ADA compliance checker on our website to ensure that it performs its job and adheres to ADA guidelines. The start is learning how to ensure ADA compliance in its websites. We constantly improve our web solutions and A.I. tools to ensure that more businesses and organizations pass the ADA compliance test and meet website ADA requirements.

Below is a summary of how our process goes:

  • We begin by reviewing your website to identify its current status in terms of ADA compliance
  • We offer an all-inclusive, ADA compliance website results report
  • We’ll discuss all the possible options for ensuring that your site maintains its ADA compliance
  • We install the ADA website compliance tool on your website
  • We give out a WCAG compliance report and designate you an ADA compliance professional to provide any help you may need
  •  We book a consultation with Enleaf’s ADA compliance checker professionals to determine how best to ensure that you have an ADA compliant website.

Why Are We the Best at ADA Website Compliance?

AI Tool Installation & Configuration

We integrate a unique script code on your site and run numerous configuration tests to ensure no glitches in the system. After completion, we’ll analyze the remainder of your site, trying to detect any possible problems with installing the website’s ADA compliance checker. You can expect to have an ADA-compliant website in 48 after the A.I. tool’s installation and configuration. 

Initial Summary Report

Afterward, we conduct a full review of your site and develop a Summary Report illustrating your website’s current status. Then, after utilizing the ADA website compliance checker and finishing the remediation, we present a Final Summary Report showing that your website complies with the ADA standards, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and EN 301549.

Automation & Manual ADA Compliance

Generally speaking, other ADA compliance companies provide only Manual ADA or Automated ADA testing. However, performing only one of these ADA compliance website results might lead to false positives and false negatives.

At Enleaf, we usually run a combination of Automatic and Manual ADA compliance tests to guarantee total compliance with the ADA requirements, web accessibility guidelines, and WCAG 2.1 at no additional cost to you.

Daily Background Compliance Scans

Typically, our website compliance tool conducts ADA website compliance checks daily to ensure that your website remains WCAG compliant. This software scans your site for any updates and errors that may have come up during the last 24 hours. Our crew then fixes these issues automatically with a 95% success rate.

Compliance Shield

Enleaf’s ADA compliance professionals put a compliance shield on your site that informs potential attorneys and page visitors of your efforts to guarantee ADA website compliance. One of the essential elements in your ADA website compliance checklist is a compliance shield. It acts as a trust signal and gets rid of the risk of lawsuits.


At Enleaf, our customers always come first. To ensure that your website remains WCAG compliant and provides all page visitors with the best level of online experience, our ADA compliance professionals resolve any issue identified by our A.I. tool. It’s this additional effort that helps us secure your brand against lawsuits and make sure that it’s ADA compliant.

Diverse Pricing Packages

We know that different companies may have other financial preferences and capabilities. Enleaf’s affordable ADA compliance services will certainly enhance your website’s profitability and guarantee ADA compliance. We offer 4 pricing packages that allow you to reap the same benefits and features on your terms.

Monthly Audits & Compliance Reports

We present you the ADA compliance checker reports every month so that you remain updated on your websites’ WCAG compliance status. Furthermore, our team undertakes manual reviews to resolve any possible errors and ensure that your site is constantly ADA compliant apart from the daily scans conducted by the ADA website compliance checker.

Custom ADA Web Compliant Project

Would you like to revamp your web design? Enleaf’s ADA website compliance company offers integrated web design, as well as ADA services focused on securing your business and boosting your digital presence. Our ADA compliance professionals will partner with you to guarantee ADA compliance by the time you launch.

A La Carte Services

We also offer manual remediation for certain elements, e.g., documents, PDFs, and videos, to ensure that everything not integrated into the codebase remains ADA compliant. Enleaf’s la carte services entail audio transcriptions, and video closed captions with 24-hour delivery, video integrations, and configuration, as well as document accessibility.

Committed ADA Compliance Professionals

At Enleaf, we genuinely believe that genuine commitment and clear communications are critical elements of sustained ADA compliance and general digital success. After you have enrolled in our ADA services, a crew of ADA compliance experts will be designated to help you through the entire process. With such an arrangement, you’ll have a simplified communication process if you have any questions or concerns.

Phone & Email Support

You can always count on Enleaf if you have any questions regarding ADA website compliance. Our well-trained ADA website compliance professionals are always available by phone or email between Monday and Friday from 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M. CST to reply to any of your questions. So why would you wait for days to get a response? All you’ll need to do is contact us to speak to your committed ADA-compliant expert.

ADA Compliance Website Checklist

Are you still wondering whether you have an ADA-compliant website or how you could ensure that your site is ADA compliant? Enleaf’s ADA compliance specialists have put together the ultimate ADA compliance website checklist to help with your website audit.

A WCAG compliant website should be:


Generally, accessible website content needs to be presented in an easily perceptible way. It also implies that ADA-compliant websites need to accommodate different forms of assistive technology and offer text and audio alternatives, enabling visually impaired people to read and browse through digital content.


Your website navigation is one of the essential components of ADA web compliance. Ensure that your website provides keyboard accessibility to enable motor-impaired people to quickly jump to some aspects of the website and access important content at the click of a button.


ADA-compliant websites cater to persons with all forms of learning capabilities and disabilities. It means that all page visitors should read and comprehend your content regardless of cognitive ability. Offer input assistance, e.g., dictionary options, prevent unannounced popup windows, and offer clear labels for forms and application controls.


Generally, your website content needs to be robust enough to enable a range of user agents to crawl and decode your digital content. ADA-compliant websites can cope with advancements in technology and remain accessible to every user irrespective of web updates.

Do you have an ADA-compliant website? Enhance your website accessibility and ensure that all your page visitors have a high-quality experience. Contact us today at Enleaf and get a free quote on your website.

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